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79:1  By those who draw out violently.
79:2  By those who draw out, drawing out.
79:3  By those who swim, swimming.
79:4  By the preceders, preceding.
79:5  By those who manage an affair.
79:6  On the day the quake quakes,
79:7  The subsequent will follow it.
79:8  Hearts on that day will tremble;
79:9  Their eyes humbled.
79:10  They say, 'Will we indeed be surely sent back to the former state?
79:11  When we are decayed bones?'
79:12  They said, 'That then is a losing return.'
79:13  And it is only one cry,
79:14  And behold, they are on the surface of the earth.
79:15  Has the story of Moses come to you?
79:16  When his Lord called him in the holy valley, Tuwa.
79:17  'Go to Pharaoh, indeed, he was immoderate;
79:18  And say, "Have you a wish to purify yourself,
79:19  And I will guide you to your Lord, so you will fear?"'
79:20  And he showed him the great sign.
79:21  Then he denied and he rebelled.
79:22  Then he turned his back, striving,
79:23  And he gathered and called,
79:24  And he said, 'I am your lord the most high.'
79:25  So God seized him, a deterrent punishment of the hereafter and the former.
79:26  Indeed in that is surely a lesson for him who fears.
79:27  Are you a harder creation or the sky? He built it.
79:28  He raised its height and made it uniform,
79:29  And He darkened its night, and brought forth its forenoon.
79:30  And the earth after that He spread it,
79:31  He brought forth from it its water and its pasturage.
79:32  And the mountains, He made them firm.
79:33  A provision for you and for your cattle.
79:34  Then when the great predominant calamity comes,
79:35  On the day man will remember what he strove after,
79:36  And the Hellfire is made manifest to him who sees.
79:37  Then as for him who was immoderate,
79:38  And preferred the worldly life,
79:39  Then indeed, the Hellfire, it is the refuge.
79:40  And as for him who feared the station of His Lord, and prohibited the soul from lust,
79:41  Then indeed, the Garden, it is the refuge.
79:42  They ask you about the Hour, when is its fixed time?
79:43  In what are you of its mention?
79:44  To your Lord is its goal.
79:45  You are only a warner to him who fears it.
79:46  On the day they see it, as though they had not tarried except an evening or its forenoon.