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80:1  He frowned and turned away,
80:2  That the blind man came to him.
80:3  And what would make you know perhaps he may purify himself,
80:4  Or remember and the Reminder profit him?
80:5  As for him who is free of need,
80:6  Then you attend to him.
80:7  And not upon you that he does not purify himself.
80:8  And as for him who came to you striving
80:9  And he fears,
80:10  So you are diverted from him.
80:11  Not so, indeed, it is a Reminder.
80:12  And he who willed remembered it.
80:13  In honoured books,
80:14  Raised, purified,
80:15  In hands of scribes,
80:16  Noble, righteous.
80:17  Killed is man, what made him disbelieve?
80:18  He created him of what thing?
80:19  Of a sperm He created him then He determined him,
80:20  Then He made the way easy for him,
80:21  Then He caused him to die, and He made him to be buried,
80:22  Then when He willed, He quickened him.
80:23  Not so, he did not do what He commanded him.
80:24  So let man look at his food,
80:25  That We, We poured the water, pouring.
80:26  Then We split the earth, splitting.
80:27  Then We made to grow in it grain,
80:28  And grapes, and clover,
80:29  And olive trees, and palm trees,
80:30  And gardens closely planted,
80:31  And fruit, and grass,
80:32  A provision for you and for your cattle.
80:33  And when the deafening noise comes,
80:34  On the day the man will flee from his brother,
80:35  And his mother, and his father
80:36  And his female companion, and his children.
80:37  For every man among them on that day is a business to suffice him.
80:38  Faces on that day will be shining,
80:39  Laughing, rejoicing.
80:40  And faces on that day upon them will be dust,
80:41  Darkness will cover them.
80:42  Those, they are the wicked disbelievers.