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81:1  When the sun is wrapped,
81:2  And when the stars fall,
81:3  And when the mountains pass away,
81:4  And when the she-camels ten months gone with young are neglected,
81:5  And when the wild animals are gathered,
81:6  And when the seas are filled,
81:7  And when the souls are paired,
81:8  And when the girl-child who was buried alive is asked
81:9  For what sin she was killed,
81:10  And when the books are spread out,
81:11  And when the sky is stripped off,
81:12  And when Hellfire is lighted,
81:13  And when the Garden is brought near,
81:14  A soul will know what it brought.
81:15  And I swear by the retreaters,
81:16  The runners, the hiders.
81:17  By the night when it comes on.
81:18  By the morning when it breathes.
81:19  Indeed, it is surely a speech of a noble messenger,
81:20  Possessor of strength, established with the Lord of the throne,
81:21  Obeyed there, trusted.
81:22  And your companion is not mad.
81:23  And surely, certainly he saw him in the clear horizon.
81:24  And he is not, on the unseen, niggardly.
81:25  And it is not a speech of a stoned devil.
81:26  So where will you go?
81:27  It is not except a Reminder to the worlds,
81:28  To who willed among you that he go straight.
81:29  And you will not will except that God, the Lord of the worlds, wills.