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44:1  Ḥâ-Mĩm.
44:2  By the clear Book!
44:3  Indeed, We sent it down on a blessed night, for We always warn ˹against evil˺.
44:4  On that night every matter of wisdom is ordained
44:5  by a command from Us, for We have always sent ˹messengers˺
44:6  as a mercy from your Lord. He ˹alone˺ is truly the All-Hearing, All-Knowing—
44:7  the Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between, if only you had sure faith.
44:8  There is no god ˹worthy of worship˺ except Him. He ˹alone˺ gives life and causes death. ˹He is˺ your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers.
44:9  In fact, they are in doubt, amusing themselves.
44:10  Wait then ˹O Prophet˺ for the day ˹when˺ the sky will be veiled in haze, clearly visible,
44:11  overwhelming the people. ˹They will cry,˺ “This is a painful torment.
44:12  Our Lord! Remove ˹this˺ torment from us, ˹and˺ we will certainly believe.”
44:13  How can they be reminded when a messenger has already come to them, making things clear,
44:14  then they turned away from him, saying, “A madman, taught by others!”?
44:15  Indeed, We will remove ˹that˺ torment for a while, and you ˹Meccans˺ will return ˹to disbelief˺.
44:16  ˹Then˺ on the Day We will deal ˹you˺ the fiercest blow, We will surely inflict punishment.
44:17  Indeed, before them We tested Pharaoh’s people: a noble messenger came to them,
44:18  ˹proclaiming,˺ “Hand over the servants of Allah to me. I am truly a trustworthy messenger to you.
44:19  And do not be arrogant with Allah. I have certainly come to you with a compelling proof.
44:20  And indeed, I seek refuge with my Lord and your Lord so you do not stone me ˹to death˺.
44:21  ˹But˺ if you do not believe me, then let me be.”
44:22  Ultimately, he cried out to his Lord, “These are a wicked people!”
44:23  ˹Allah responded,˺ “Leave with My servants at night, for you will surely be pursued.
44:24  And leave the sea parted, for they are certainly an army bound to drown.”
44:25  ˹Imagine˺ how many gardens and springs the tyrants left behind,
44:26  as well as ˹various˺ crops and splendid residences,
44:27  and luxuries which they fully enjoyed.
44:28  So it was. And We awarded it ˹all˺ to another people.
44:29  Neither heaven nor earth wept over them, nor was their fate delayed.
44:30  And We certainly delivered the Children of Israel from the humiliating torment
44:31  of Pharaoh. He was truly a tyrant, a transgressor.
44:32  And indeed, We chose the Israelites knowingly above the others.
44:33  And We showed them signs in which there was a clear test.
44:34  Indeed, these ˹Meccans˺ say,
44:35  “There is nothing beyond our first death, and we will never be resurrected.
44:36  Bring ˹back˺ our forefathers, if what you say is true.”
44:37  Are they superior to the people of Tubba’ and those before them? We destroyed them ˹all˺, ˹for˺ they were truly wicked.
44:38  We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything in between for sport.
44:39  We only created them for a purpose, but most of these ˹pagans˺ do not know.
44:40  Surely the Day of ˹Final˺ Decision is the time appointed for all—
44:41  the Day no kith or kin will be of benefit to another whatsoever, nor will they be helped,
44:42  except those shown mercy by Allah. He is truly the Almighty, Most Merciful.
44:43  Surely ˹the fruit of˺ the tree of Zaqqûm
44:44  will be the food of the evildoer.
44:45  Like molten metal, it will boil in the bellies
44:46  like the boiling of hot water.
44:47  ˹It will be said,˺ “Seize them and drag them into the depths of the Hellfire.
44:48  Then pour over their heads the torment of boiling water.”
44:49  ˹The wicked will be told,˺ “Taste this. You mighty, noble one!
44:50  This is truly what you ˹all˺ used to doubt.”
44:51  Indeed, the righteous will be in a secure place,
44:52  amid Gardens and springs,
44:53  dressed in fine silk and rich brocade, facing one another.
44:54  So it will be. And We will pair them to maidens with gorgeous eyes.
44:55  There they will call for every fruit in serenity.
44:56  There they will never taste death, beyond the first death. And He will protect them from the punishment of the Hellfire—
44:57  as ˹an act of˺ grace from your Lord. That is ˹truly˺ the ultimate triumph.
44:58  Indeed, We have made this ˹Quran˺ easy in your own language ˹O Prophet˺ so perhaps they will be mindful.
44:59  Wait then! They too are certainly waiting.