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44:1  Ha-mi
44:2  [Angels swear:] By the Book clear [Qur'aan]
44:3  We have indeed sent it [the Qur'aan] down on a blessed night. We had indeed been warning [mankind]
44:4  That night, every decree of wisdom is distinctly defined
44:5  Decree from Us — We were the Messengers indeed
44:6  A mercy from your Lord — He hears all, knows all
44:7  He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is in between, if you do certainly believe
44:8  No deity other than Him — He who gives life and death! Your Lord and Lord of your forefathers
44:9  But, they play with their doubts
44:10  Wait then for the Day when smoke appears in the sk
44:11  [And] envelopes the people, [who cry out,] "Painful punishment this!"
44:12  "Our Lord! Relieve us from this punishment; we do indeed believe in You!"
44:13  Was not there for them the Zikr [Qur'aan]? And surely a Messenger duly and clearly authorized had come to them therewith
44:14  But then they had turned away from him saying he was a crazy man, just repeating what he had learnt from others
44:15  Were We to ease the torment for a while, you would return to worshipping others besides Allah
44:16  On the Day We get hold with the severest grip [Day of Judgment], We will certainly exact retribution
44:17  And We did put the people of Pharaoh on trial, before them. And there came to them a noble Messenger
44:18  [The Messenger said to them,] "Hand over to me Allah's worshippers [Children of Israel]. I am a trustworthy Messenger sent to you."
44:19  And the Messenger further said, "Do not set you yourselves above Allah. I have indeed come to you with clear authority
44:20  And I do indeed seek refuge with my Lord — and your Lord — lest you stone me [to death]
44:21  If you do not believe in me, then do let me go
44:22  He then prayed to his Lord, "These are sinful people."
44:23  [Allah said,] "Move out in the night with My devotees. You shall indeed be pursued."
44:24  "Leave the sea and be calm! Pharaoh's army is destined to be drowned."
44:25  How many gardens and fountains did they leave behind
44:26  And [how many] fields and places nice
44:27  And comfortable life which they enjoyed
44:28  And such other things! And We handed over all that to another people
44:29  Neither the heaven nor the earth wept for them! And they were given no respite
44:30  And We did save the Children of Israel from the humiliating torture
44:31  [Torture -] at the hands of Pharaoh! He was foremost among those who exceeded all bounds
44:32  And We chose them — We knew whom to choose — above all other people
44:33  And We gave them signs in which there was a clear test
44:34  Indeed, there are those who do say
44:35  "There is nothing beyond our first death! And we shall not be raised to life again."
44:36  "If what you say is true, then bring back our forefathers!"
44:37  Are they better than the people of Tubba [an ancient tribe] and those who came before them? We destroyed those earlier peoples, because they were sinners
44:38  We did not create the heavens and the earth and all that lies in between them just for playing therewith
44:39  We did not create them but with a purpose ! Yet most of them know this not
44:40  Indeed, Day of the Decision is the appointed time for them all
44:41  Day when friend shall be of no avail to friend, and they shall not be given any help
44:42  [No help] except to those whom Allah shows mercy. Indeed, He is the One Omnipotent, Merciful
44:43  Indeed, the Zaqqum tree
44:44  [Zaqqum tree] shall be food of the sinful
44:45  [Food of the sinful would be] like molten brass boiling in their bellies
44:46  Like the boiling of hot water
44:47  [Allah will command angels,] "Seize him and drag him into the thick of the Hell Fire."
44:48  "Then pour over his head boiling water as punishment."
44:49  "Taste it! You did indeed consider yourself powerful and honourable!"
44:50  "This indeed is what you had doubts about."
44:51  The pious shall be in a secure place
44:52  Among gardens and springs
44:53  Dressed in silk and brocade, and facing one another
44:54  Thus shall it be! And We shall give them Houris with lovely eyes as companions
44:55  In an atmosphere of peace and security therein, they will ask for every kind of fruit
44:56  They will not taste death therein like the one they earlier had. Allah will save them from the torment of Hell
44:57  [Saving people from Hell and granting them entry into Paradise would be] a favour from your Lord. That will be the highest success
44:58  We have indeed then made this Qur'aan easy in your own language so that they [your people] may listen and pay attention
44:59  So you wait and watch [what happens to them]; they too are waiting and watching [what happens to you.