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44:1  Ha, Mim (These are the names of letters of the Arabic alphabet, and only Allah knows their meaning here)
44:2  And (by) the evident Book
44:3  Surely We have sent it down in a blessed night; surely We have been warning
44:4  Therein every Wise Command is distinctly (decreed)
44:5  (As) a Command from Our providence; surely We have (ever) been sending (Messengers)
44:6  As a mercy from your Lord; surely He, Ever He, is The Ever-Hearing, The Ever-Knowing
44:7  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them both, in case you are (believers) with certitude
44:8  There is no god except He; He gives life and He makes to die; (He is) your Lord and The Lord of your earliest fathers
44:9  No indeed, (but) they are in doubt, playing
44:10  So be on the watch for a Day when the heaven will come up with an evident smoke
44:11  That will envelop mankind; this is a painful torment
44:12  "Our Lord, lift off from us the torment; surely, we are believers."
44:13  However could they have the Reminding, and an evident Messenger has already come to them
44:14  (Yet) thereafter they turned away from him and said, "A man taught (by others), a madman!"
44:15  Surely We are lifting off the torment a little; surely you will be going back (to disbelief)
44:16  Upon the Day when We will assault you with the greatest assault; surely We will be Avengers
44:17  And indeed already before them We tempted the people of Firaawn, (Pharaoh) and an honorable Messenger came to them. (Saying), "Discharge (Literally: give back to me) to me the bondmen of Allah; surely I am for you a trustworthy Messenger."
44:18  And, "Do not exalt yourselves against Allah; surely I am bringing you an evident, all-binding authority
44:19  And surely I take refuge in my Lord and your Lord that you should (not) stone me
44:20  And in case you do not believe me, then keep apart from me!"
44:21  So he invoked his Lord, (saying
44:22  "These are a criminal people."
44:23  "Then set forth with My bondmen by night, surely you will be closely followed
44:24  And leave the sea becalmed; (Or: furrowed) surely they are a drowned host."
44:25  They left how many gardens and springs
44:26  And plantations and how honorable a station
44:27  And what comfort they used to (enjoy) cheerfully
44:28  Thus (it was); and We made another people to inherit (these favors)
44:29  So, in no way did the heaven and the earth weep for them, and in no way were they respited
44:30  And indeed We already safely delivered the Seeds (Or: sons) of Israel) from degrading torment
44:31  From Firaawn; (Pharaoh) surely he was exalted, of the extravagant
44:32  And indeed We already chose them, out of a knowledge, over the worlds
44:33  And We brought them (some) signs wherein there was an evident trial
44:34  Surely these (people) are indeed saying
44:35  "Decidedly there is nothing except our first death; and in no way will we be raised up
44:36  Then come up with (i.e., bring) our fathers, in case you are sincere!"
44:37  Are they more charitable, (i.e., better) or the people of Tubbac and the ones even before them? We caused them to perish; surely they were criminals
44:38  And in no way did We create the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them both, playing
44:39  In no way did We create them both except with The Truth; but most of them do not know
44:40  Surely the Day of Verdict is their appointed time all together
44:41  The Day a patronizer will not avail any patronized thing, and they will not be vindicated
44:42  Except him on whom Allah has mercy; surely He, Ever He, is The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Merciful
44:43  Surely the Tree of Az-Zaqqum
44:44  Is the food of the constantly vicious
44:45  Like molten metal, it boils in the bellies
44:46  As the boiling of scalding water
44:47  "Take him, then thrust him into the (deepest) level of Hell-Fire
44:48  Thereafter pour above his head of the torment of scalding (water)
44:49  Taste! Surely you, (only) you are (i.e., you used to think that you were mighty) the constantly mighty, the constantly honorable
44:50  Surely this is what you used to wrangle about."
44:51  Surely the pious will be in a station constantly secure
44:52  In Gardens and Springs
44:53  Wearing (garments) of serenest and brocade, facing one another
44:54  Thus (it will be); and We will espouse them to wide-eyed h?r (Fair females in paradise)
44:55  Therein (they will be) calling for every (kind) of fruit, secure
44:56  They will not taste therein of death, except the first death, and He will protect them from the torment of Hell-Fire
44:57  A Grace from your Lord; that is it which is the magnificent triumph
44:58  So We have surely made it easy by your tongue, only that possibly they would remind themselves
44:59  Then be on the watch; surely they (too) are on the watch