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44:1  Ha. Mim
44:2  CONSIDER this divine writ, clear in itself and clearly showing the truth
44:3  Behold, from on high have We bestowed it on a blessed night: for, verily, We have always been warning [man]
44:4  On that [night] was made clear, in wisdom, the distinction between all things [good and evil]
44:5  at a behest from Ourselves: for, verily, We have always been sending [Our messages of guidance]
44:6  in pursuance of thy Sustainer’s grace [unto man]. Verily, He alone is all-hearing, all-knowing
44:7  the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them - if you could but grasp it with inner certainty
44:8  There is no deity save Him: He grants life and deals death: He is your Sustainer as well as the Sustainer of your forebears of old
44:9  Nay, but they [who lack inner certainty] are but Dying with their doubts
44:10  WAIT, THEN, for the Day when the skies shall bring forth a pall of smoke which will make obvious [the approach of the Last Hour]
44:11  enveloping all mankind, [and causing the sinners to exclaim:] “Grievous is this suffering
44:12  O our Sustainer, relieve us of suffering, for, verily, we [now] believe [in Thee]!&rdquo
44:13  [But] how shall this remembrance avail them [at the Last Hour], seeing that an apostle had previously come unto them, clearly expounding the truth
44:14  whereupon they turned their backs on him and said, “Taught [by others] is he, a madman”
44:15  [Still,] behold, We shall postpone this suffering for a little while, although you are bound to revert [to your evil ways: but]
44:16  on the Day when We shall seize [all sinners] with a most mighty onslaught, We shall, verily, inflict Our retribution [on you as well]
44:17  AND, INDEED, [long] before their time did We try Pharaoh’s people [in the same way]: for there came unto them a noble apostle, [who said:]
44:18  “Give in unto me, O God’s bondmen! Verily, I am an apostle [sent] unto you, worthy of trust
44:19  “And exalt not yourselves against God: for, verily, I come unto you with a manifest authority [from Him]
44:20  and, behold, it is with my Sustainer - and your Sustainer - that I seek refuge against all your endeavours to revile me
44:21  And if you do not believe me, [at least] stand away from me!”
44:22  But then, [when they beset him with their enmity,] he called out to his Sustainer, “These are [indeed] people lost in sin!”
44:23  And [God said]: “Go thou forth with My servants by night, for you will surely be pursued
44:24  and leave the sea becalmed [between thee and Pharaoh’s men]: for, verily, they are a host destined to be drowned!”
44:25  [And so they perished: and] how many gardens did they leave behind, and water-runnels
44:26  and fields of grain, and noble dwellings
44:27  and [all that] life of ease in which they used to delight
44:28  Thus it was. And [then] We made another people heirs [to what they had left]
44:29  and neither sky nor earth shed tears over them, nor were they allowed a respite
44:30  And, indeed, We delivered the children of Israel from the shameful sufferin
44:31  [inflicted on them] by Pharaoh, seeing that he was truly outstanding among those who waste their own selves
44:32  and indeed, We chose them knowingly above all other people
44:33  and gave them such signs [of Our grace] as would clearly presage a test
44:34  [Now,] behold, these [people] say indeed
44:35  “That [which is ahead of us] is but our first [and only] death, and we shall not be raised to life again
44:36  So then, bring forth our forefathers [as witnesses], if what you claim is true!”
44:37  Are they, then, better than the people of Tubba and those before them, whom We destroyed because they were truly lost in [the same] sin
44:38  For [thus it is:] We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in mere idle play
44:39  none of this have We created without [an inner] truth: but most of them understand it not
44:40  VERILY, the Day of Distinction [between the true and the false] is the term appointed for all of them
44:41  the Day when no friend shall be of the least avail to his friend, and when none shall be succoure
44:42  save those upon whom God will have bestowed His grace and mercy: for, verily, He alone is almighty, a dispenser of grace
44:43  Verily, [in the life to come] the tree of deadly frui
44:44  will be the food of the sinful
44:45  like molten lead will it boil in the belly
44:46  like the boiling of burning despair
44:47  [And the word will be spoken:] “Seize him, [O you forces of hell,] and drag him into the midst of the blazing fire
44:48  then pour over his head the anguish of burning despair
44:49  Taste it - thou who [on earth] hast considered thyself so mighty, so noble
44:50  This is the very thing which you [deniers of the truth] were wont to call in question!”
44:51  [As against this -] verily, the God-conscious will find themselves in a state secure
44:52  amid gardens and springs
44:53  wearing [garments] of silk and brocade, facing one another [in love]
44:54  Thus shall it be. And We shall pair them with companions pure, most beautiful of eye
44:55  In that [paradise] they shall [rightfully] claim all the fruits [of their past deeds], resting in security
44:56  and neither shall they taste death there after having passed through their erstwhile death. Thus will He have preserved them from all suffering through the blazing fire
44:57  an act of thy Sustainer’s favour: and that, that will be the triumph supreme
44:58  THUS, THEN, [O Prophet,] have We made this [divine writ] easy to understand, in thine own [human] tongue, so that men might take it to heart
44:59  So wait thou [for what the future will bring]: behold, they, too, are waiting