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79:1  By those who pull forcefully.
79:2  And those who retrieve gently.
79:3  And those who glide serenely.
79:4  And those who race swiftly.
79:5  And those who arrange each matter.
79:6  On the Day when the Trembler shudders.
79:7  And is followed by the Successor.
79:8  On that Day, hearts will be pounding.
79:9  Their eyes downcast in humility.
79:10  They question, “Are we to be restored from the hollow?
79:11  Even after we’ve become crumbling bones?”
79:12  They say, “That would be a useless return.”
79:13  Yet, it will only be a single jolt.
79:14  And suddenly, they will be fully awake.
79:15  Did the story of Moses reach you?
79:16  When his Lord called to him in the sacred valley of Tuwa.
79:17  “Go to Pharaoh, indeed, he has transgressed.”
79:18  And ask, “Are you inclined to purify yourself?
79:19  And let me guide you to your Lord, so you would fear.”
79:20  Then he showed him the supreme sign.
79:21  But he denied and disobeyed.
79:22  Then he turned his back, striving.
79:23  He summoned and announced.
79:24  And he declared, “I am your supreme lord!”
79:25  So, God seized him in exemplary punishment in the Last and the First.
79:26  In this is a lesson for those who are cautious.
79:27  Are you more difficult to create, or the sky that He constructed.
79:28  He raised its ceiling and proportioned it.
79:29  He dimmed its night and brought out its daylight.
79:30  After that, He spread the earth.
79:31  From it, He extracted its water and its pasture.
79:32  And the mountains, He anchored.
79:33  As enjoyment for you and your livestock.
79:34  When the great overthrow arrives.
79:35  The Day when man will remember his endeavors.
79:36  And Hellfire will be exposed for all to see.
79:37  But for him who rebelled.
79:38  And gave preference to the worldly life.
79:39  Hellfire will be the dwelling.
79:40  But as for him who feared the position of his Lord, and restrained the soul from desires.
79:41  Paradise will be the sanctuary.
79:42  They ask you about the Hour, “When is its arrival?”
79:43  In what position are you to mention its date?
79:44  To your Lord alone, is its ultimate knowledge.
79:45  You are only a warner for those who fear it.
79:46  On the day they see it, it will be as though they had only lingered for an evening or a morning.