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78:1  What are they asking one another about?
78:2  About the extraordinary news.
78:3  That they are in disagreement over.
78:4  Indeed, they will surely know.
78:5  Indeed, once again, they will surely know.
78:6  Didn’t We make the earth a cradle?
78:7  And the mountains pegs?
78:8  And created you as pairs?
78:9  And made your sleep for rest?
78:10  And made the night a cover?
78:11  And made the day for livelihood?
78:12  And built above you seven firmaments?
78:13  And placed therein a shining lamp?
78:14  And sent down, from the stormy clouds, abundant water?
78:15  To produce with it grains and plants.
78:16  And lush, luxuriant gardens?
78:17  The Day of Sorting is an appointed time.
78:18  The Day the Trumpet will be blown, and you will come in crowds.
78:19  And the sky is opened, and it becomes gateways.
78:20  And the mountains will be set in motion, becoming a mirage.
78:21  Hell is a lurking threat.
78:22  A destination for the oppressors.
78:23  Where they will remain for eons.
78:24  They won’t taste therein any coolness or drink.
78:25  Except boiling water and freezing cold hail.
78:26  An appropriate recompense.
78:27  For they were not expecting accountability.
78:28  And they denied Our verses with vehement denial.
78:29  But all things We’ve accounted for in writing.
78:30  So taste; We will only increase your suffering.
78:31  For the righteous, however, there is triumph.
78:32  Gardens and vineyards.
78:33  And companions of equal age.
78:34  And a full cup.
78:35  They won’t hear therein any vain talk or sinful speech.
78:36  A reward from your Lord, a generous gift as calculated.
78:37  The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and what’s between them, the Most Merciful. None can discourse with Him.
78:38  On the Day when the Spirit and the angels will stand in rows, they won’t speak, except for one whom the Most Merciful allows, who will say what’s right.
78:39  That is the Day of Truth. So whoever wills may take a return to his Lord.
78:40  We have warned you of a near punishment—the Day when a person will see what his hands have forwarded, and the unbeliever will say, “Oh, how I wish I were dust!”