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79:1  (I swear by the angels) _ those who (violently) wrench out (the souls of the unbelievers)
79:2  And those who (gently) draw out (the souls of the believers)
79:3  Those who swiftly glide along (in the universe)
79:4  Those who rush to carry out
79:5  And execute the commands (of the Lord)
79:6  That day, (the Day of Decision), a violent jolt will rock (the earth)
79:7  And another (jolt) will (soon) follow
79:8  That day, hearts would pound (in panic)
79:9  And eyes would drift downward (with dread)
79:10  They are saying, "What? Would we really be restored back to our former (state of) existence?"
79:11  "Even after we are (just) crumbling bones?"
79:12  They say, "Such a (revival and) recurrence is hence a losing proposition."
79:13  (In fact), it will just take a single rebuke
79:14  And at once they will appear on the surface
79:15  Has the story of Musa reached you
79:16  His Lord summoned him to the holy valley of ´Tuwa´
79:17  (And said), "Go to the pharaoh, he is really rebellious."
79:18  And ask him, "Are you willing to accept purity?"
79:19  "(If so), I will guide you towards your Lord; fear Him."
79:20  And Musa showed him the great sign
79:21  But the pharaoh denied and disobeyed
79:22  And turned back to hatch a scheme
79:23  Then he assembled (his cronies) and announced
79:24  He said, "I am your Lord, the most high!"
79:25  So, (as a punishment), Allah turned him into an example in the afterlife, as well as in this life
79:26  Of course, there is a lesson in it for all who fear (the reckoning)
79:27  (Oh mankind)! Are you the harder to create, or is it the heavens which He built
79:28  He raised its vault high, and gave it balance
79:29  He imbued the night with darkness, and drew out its morning (glow)
79:30  And after that, He spread out the earth
79:31  He drafted off its water and produced the fodder
79:32  And He fixed the mountains firmly
79:33  (All that) for your needs, and those of your livestock
79:34  When that most grievous disaster befalls
79:35  Man, that day, shall recall all he ever (stood and) strove for
79:36  And the hell shall (loom large, and) be made visible to all
79:37  Anyone who transgressed (and rebelled)
79:38  And preferred the life of this world (to the afterlife)
79:39  Would really have hell for a home
79:40  While anyone who feared having to stand before his Lord (for a reckoning), and guarded himself against (the base and banal) desires
79:41  Would certainly have the paradise for a home
79:42  (Oh prophet), they ask you about the hour (of Judgment), "When will that (hour) come to pass?"
79:43  It is not for you to forecast the (actual) date (of its occurrence)
79:44  That (knowledge) rests solely with your Lord
79:45  You are there to warn anyone who fears (that day)
79:46  When they see that day, it will actually be like they have lived (in this world) for just one morning, or a single afternoon