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80:1  He frowned and turned his face away
80:2  Because a blind man came to him (and interrupted him)
80:3  You don´t really know! Perhaps he would (shed his disbelief, and) grow in faith
80:4  He might heed (the warning); perhaps the reminder would benefit him
80:5  (Instead), the one who displays indifference
80:6  You attend to
80:7  It is not your failing if he fails to cleanse (himself of disbelief)
80:8  But, from the one who seeks you eagerly
80:9  And fears (Allah)
80:10  You divert your attention away
80:11  No, in fact this _ (the Qur´an) _ is a reminder
80:12  Anyone who cares, may heed
80:13  (It is inscribed) in the honored record
80:14  Sublime and held in high esteem
80:15  Set down by scribes
80:16  Noble and virtuous
80:17  Man be damned! How ungrateful is he
80:18  What was it, from which He created man
80:19  From semen! He created man, then assigned his nature
80:20  Then, He made the path (of righteousness) easy for him
80:21  Then He gave him death, and sent him to his grave
80:22  And then He will, whenever He wills, bring him back to life
80:23  No! Man did not do what Allah commanded him to do
80:24  Let man look at (the source of) his food
80:25  (To produce his food), We pour down plenty of water
80:26  (Then) We split the ground and lay it open
80:27  And out of it, We cause the grain to sprout
80:28  And the grapes and vegetables
80:29  The olives and dates
80:30  Woodland with dense foliage
80:31  And the fruits and fodder
80:32  Such is your, and your livestock´s sustenance
80:33  When the deafening blare (of the trumpet) sounds
80:34  Man will run away from his brother that day
80:35  And his mother and father
80:36  And his wife and son
80:37  Everyone that day would have far too many concerns (of his own), to care about others
80:38  Some faces that day, would glow
80:39  (With) happiness and joyful ecstasy
80:40  While some faces that day would be covered with (grim and grimy) shades
80:41  And overwhelmed by darkness
80:42  Such would be the unbelievers, the obstinate (sinners)