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81:1  When the sun (and the solar system) is wrapped up
81:2  And the stars are rendered dim and dusty
81:3  And the mountains are (dislodged and) set in motion
81:4  And the pregnant camel is left unattended (by its owner)
81:5  And the beasts are herded up
81:6  And oceans boil and brim over
81:7  (That would be the day) when souls would rejoin their bodies
81:8  And the infant girl who was buried alive, would be asked
81:9  "What was her sin? Why was she killed?"
81:10  When the record (of deeds) is laid open
81:11  And the sky is stripped bare
81:12  And the hellfire is set ablaze
81:13  And the paradise is brought closer
81:14  (That day), each soul shall learn what (deeds) it has brought along
81:15  No, (I swear) by the planets
81:16  And the stars that rise and set
81:17  And the night as it departs
81:18  And the dawn that breathes (anew)
81:19  Of course, this (Qur´an) is really the word brought by the noble messenger _ (the angel, Gibrael)
81:20  The one who has power and high rank with the Lord of the throne
81:21  (The one who is) obeyed, and is furthermore, trustworthy
81:22  (Oh people)! your companion is not crazy
81:23  He most definitely saw (the angel, Gibrael) on the clear horizon
81:24  And he is not stingy about (disclosing the knowledge of) the unseen
81:25  It is not the word of the cursed Shaitan
81:26  So, where to, are you headed
81:27  This is not anything other than the reminder for the entire world
81:28  For every single one of you, anyone who wishes to walk upright along the straight path
81:29  But the wishes of any of you do not matter, unless Allah, the Lord of the universe, wills it too