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79:1  God, hereby, swears by those angles that are in charge of violently taking the souls of the disbelievers in the moment of their death
79:2  As well as those angles who gently and joyfully take the soul of believers away
79:3  And by those who float in inter-galactic spaces
79:4  Engaged in a friendly race among themselves
79:5  And those who carry out different orders of their Lord
79:6  That one day the whole universe will be subject to a big quake
79:7  Followed by an after shake
79:8  On that day the palpitation of the hearts will be the highest ever due to the fear
79:9  And the eyes will be downcast
79:10  t that time the disbelievers will say: “Now we believe being called back from our graves is a truth.”
79:11  “Who would ever thought that our rotten bones will be re-created again?”
79:12  These are those who used to mock at the idea of Resurrection
79:13  Know that all that would take for God to resurrect the dead is a snap
79:14  And then they are recreated as they were created at first place
79:15  Have you ever heard the story of Moses
79:16  His Lord called upon him in the sacred valley of Tuwa saying:…
79:17  … “Go to Pharaoh; indeed he has rebelled against God by his behavior.”
79:18  “Ask him if he has the least desire to purify himself and return to the right path.”
79:19  “If so, I will guide you to your Lord Whom…
79:20  …. you will be at awe with His Might.”
79:21  But Pharaoh did not take advantage of God’s mercy; he rejected Moses’ invitation in disobedience
79:22  Then he went back in hurry, …
79:23  …assembled his men and said:…
79:24  … “I am your lord, the most high.”
79:25  Therefore, God punished him in this world and he will be punished in Hereafter
79:26  Indeed there is a lesson to be learnt in this story for those who are at awe with the Lord’s Power
79:27  Just think for a while. Are you more difficult to create than the universe that God has created
79:28  See how high and proportionate your Creator has put a canopy around the earth [reference to the ozone layer]
79:29  And observe the light of the day that follows the darkness of the night
79:30  Look at the earth which He has spread
79:31  See the water which is being re-cycled on earth creating pastures
79:32  And the mountains which are firmly established on earth
79:33  God has created all these for you and your cattle
79:34  Now be mindful of the day that the great disaster that has to come
79:35  The day that man will think about what he has provided for Hereafter
79:36  This will be the day that Hellfire will be shown to man
79:37  And those who rebelled against their Lord’s order,…
79:38  and preferred this worldly life,…
79:39  will be cast into Hell which will be their home
79:40  As for him who minds to face his Lord and,…
79:41  … in consequence, shies away from low worldly desires; he will be housed in the gardens of Heaven
79:42  O’ Mohammad, they will ask you about when the dooms…
79:43  … day that you are talking about will take place
79:44  Only your Lord has knowledge about it
79:45  You Mohammad, your task is only to warn the one who minds
79:46  When the dooms day take place, man will think that it was only a few hours ago that he was enjoying his daily life on earth