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80:1  Mohammad frowned and turned away
80:2  When the blind man came to him
80:3  How would you know that by attending to him and answering his questions he would not turn into a …
80:4  …righteous person and what was your criterion to ignore him
80:5  As to the rich one that you…
80:6  gave your preference in discussion, there is no blame on you,…
80:7  if he does not choose the right way
80:8  You ignored the one who…
80:9  came eagerly to you…
80:10  the who is mindful of his Lord
80:11  This is an admonition for…
80:12  … the one who accept it gladly
80:13  This admonition is…
80:14  hereby presented in this…
80:15  honorable and…
80:16  glorified book presented…through righteous angles
80:17  How pity of the ungrateful man
80:18  Does this proud creature not think what his Lord created him from
80:19  What is he proud of? He is being created of a tiny sperm [that thousands of them hardly fill the top of a needle!]
80:20  To such an insignificance creature God has favored the growth
80:21  Then God takes his soul and put him in the grave
80:22  The same One Who created him out of nothing may resurrect him anytime pleases Him
80:23  What a pity that man has not fulfilled what his Lord has commanded him
80:24  Let man look at his very food that sustains his life [it does not grow up in the super market]
80:25  God pour downs lots of water from…
80:26  the sky, then He splits the earth and…
80:27  makes the corn to grow
80:28  And grapes and nutritious plants
80:29  And olives and dates
80:30  And dense gardens
80:31  And fruits and herbs
80:32  As a provision for man and his cattle [which provides meat for man]
80:33  Know that when the big blow is ordered to take over the universe
80:34  Man will leave his brother
80:35  And his mother and his father
80:36  And his wife and his children
80:37  Each individual has enough of his own to be concerned with that does not care about the others
80:38  Some faces in that day will be bright,…
80:39  … laughing and rejoicing
80:40  Other faces on that day will be…
80:41  .. covered with misery, overwhelmed with sadness
80:42  Such will be the end of wicked disbelievers