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81:1  When the sun in folded up (internally collapsed)
81:2  When the stars darken
81:3  When the mountains are pulverized
81:4  When the camels [which Arabs take so good care of it] is abandoned
81:5  When the wild beasts run together aimlessly out of fear
81:6  When the seas boil [due to the intense heat created by the explosion of sun]
81:7  When the souls are gathered together
81:8  When the little born girl [who was buried because of her sex] will ask for…
81:9  what crime she was buried alive
81:10  When the scrolls are laid open
81:11  When the sky’s cover [ozone layer] is unveiled
81:12  When the Hell’s fire start to soar up
81:13  When the Heaven is brought near sight
81:14  Then each soul will realize what it has prepared for Hereafter
81:15  I (God) swear by the stars
81:16  that run their courses
81:17  And the night as it disappears
81:18  And the breath of the dawn
81:19  That Mohammad is truly an honorable messenger of mine
81:20  Established with might by the Lord of the dominion
81:21  To be obeyed and trustworthy
81:22  Know that this fellow among you is not mad
81:23  Truly he has seen himself in a clear horizon
81:24  And that he is not hiding any knowledge of him of unseen
81:25  This Qur’an is not the word of the cursed Satan
81:26  If you turn away from this teaching, where else you can find guidance
81:27  Qur’an is a message to all the worlds
81:28  To the one who wishes to walk on the right path
81:29  Do not forget that your wish will not come true unless it coincides the wished of God