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79:1  By the collectors (of the soul),
79:2  Who tie it down,
79:3  And travel (with it),
79:4  Then move ahead,
79:5  Then organise affairs.
79:6  On the day of trembling,
79:7  Followed by another,
79:8  Hearts will be pounding that day,
79:9  With eyes downcast.
79:10  They will say: are we to be returned to our prior state,
79:11  When we were decayed bones?
79:12  They will say: this return would be a loss.
79:13  But it is only a single shout.
79:14  Then they are in wakefulness.
79:15  Has the story of Musa (Moses) reached you?
79:16  When his Lord called him in the sacred valley of Tuwa:
79:17  Go to Pharaoh, he is transgressing.
79:18  And say: are you willing to purify yourself,
79:19  And I guide you to your Lord, so you fear (Him)?
79:20  And he showed him the great sign.
79:21  But he denied and disobeyed.
79:22  Then he turned away hastily,
79:23  And gathered and announced,
79:24  And said: I am your highest Lord.
79:25  Then Allah overtook him with punishment in the hereafter and this world.
79:26  In this is a lesson for those who fear.
79:27  Are you stronger in creation or the sky which He built?
79:28  He raised its canopy and made it well-proportioned,
79:29  And made its night dark and brought out its morning light.
79:30  And after that He spread out the earth,
79:31  Brought out its water from it and its pasture,
79:32  And anchored the mountains.
79:33  A provision for you and for your cattle.
79:34  Then, when the great calamity comes,
79:35  That day man will remember what he strove for.
79:36  And hell-fire will be presented to those who see.
79:37  So whoever transgressed,
79:38  And preferred the life of this world,
79:39  Hell-fire is his home.
79:40  And whoever feared standing before his Lord and prevented his soul from desire,
79:41  The garden is his home.
79:42  They ask you about the hour, when it will happen.
79:43  How could you know about it?
79:44  Its conclusion is up to your Lord.
79:45  You only warn those who fear it.
79:46  On the day they see it, it will be as if they had only stayed an evening or a morning.