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79:1  By those [angels] who snatch [disbelievers' souls] away aggressively
79:2  and others who act more nimbly [with believers’ souls]
79:3  as well as those floating by,
79:4  and still others racing past [the universe],
79:5  to regulate some matter [of Allah(God)’s orders]!
79:6  Someday a rumbling will be felt;
79:7  another will follow on its heels!
79:8  Hearts will be pounding on that day;
79:9  their sight will be downcast.
79:10  They will say: "Will we be restored to our original state
79:11  once we are crumbled bones?"
79:12  They say: 'That would then be a losing proposition!
79:13  There would only be a single rebuke
79:14  and then they would never be able to sleep again!
79:15  Has Moses' story ever come to you,
79:16  when his Lord called to him by the sacred valley of Tuwa?
79:17  "Go off to Pharaoh; he has acted arrogantly.
79:18  SAY: 'Would you care to be purified
79:19  and for me to guide you to your Lord so you may [learn to] dread [Him]?"'
79:20  He showed him the greatest sign.
79:21  Yet he denied and defied it;
79:22  then he turned away to try his best [against Allah(God)].
79:23  He summoned [his people], and called out,
79:24  and said: "I am your supreme Lord!"
79:25  Allah (God) seized him as an example in (both) the Hereafter and from the First [life].
79:26  In that there lies a lesson for anyone who dreads [retribution].
79:27  Were you harder to create, or the sky He has raised?
79:28  He has lifted its canopy up and smoothed it off.
79:29  He darkens its night and brings forth its morning glow;
79:30  and the earth has He spread out besides,
79:31  and produced its water and its pasturage from it.
79:32  The mountains has He anchored
79:33  as an enjoyment for you and for your livestock.
79:34  When the greatest calamity comes along,
79:35  on the day when everyman will remember whatever he has tried to accomplish,
79:36  and Hades will loom forth for anyone to see,
79:37  anyone who has acted arrogantly
79:38  and preferred worldly life
79:39  will have Hades for a dwelling place.
79:40  Anyone who has been afraid to stand before his Lord and restrained himself from passion,
79:41  will have the Paradise for a dwelling place.
79:42  They will ask you about the Hour: "When will it come to pass?
79:43  Why are you reminding us about it?"
79:44  It lies up to your Lord to set it.
79:45  You are merely a warner for anyone who dreads it;
79:46  just as some day they shall see they have hung around for only an evening, or its morning glow.