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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 By those that dive and extract,
79:2 And by those [winds?] that briskly pass by,
79:3 And by the floaters [clouds?] that float by
79:4 And then overtake others, leaving the latter behind,
79:5 And then execute a [divine] Order [to rain.]
79:6 [There shall come] a Day when a violent convulsion will convulse [the world]!
79:7 The subsequent convulsion shall follow the first.
79:8 Hearts that Day will be throbbing.
79:9 Sights that Day will be lowered.
79:10 They ask, "Shall we be brought back to life [after death?]"
79:11 "Even when we are crumbled bones!?"
79:12 They say, "This in that event would be a damaging return."
79:13 It will but be a single blast!
79:14 And then they all will come awake [from their deep slumber of death].
79:15 Has Moses' story come down to you?
79:16 When his Lord called out to him by the sacred valley of Tuwa,
79:17 "Go to Pharaoh! He has indeed exceeded all bounds,"
79:18 "You then ask him, `Would you like to reform?'"
79:19 "`Would you allow me to guide you to your Lord, so that you fear Him?'"
79:20 Moses then showed him the great Sign [staff turning into snake and hand turning white].
79:21 But he [Pharaoh] refused to acknowledge the divine Sign and obey Allah.
79:22 He then turned his back hastily
79:23 To summon and collect his people.
79:24 He then proclaimed to them, "I am your lord supreme!"
79:25 Allah then seized him for punishment both in the Hereafter and here.
79:26 There is indeed a lesson in this for those who fear Allah.
79:27 Are you more difficult to create or the heaven to construct?
79:28 HE raised its structure and then balanced it aright.
79:29 And made its night dark and its day bright.
79:30 And the earth thereafter — He spread it out.
79:31 He brought out from it its water and its pasture.
79:32 And He made the mountains firm.
79:33 [He has provided] means of sustenance for you and your animals?
79:34 So when the great event occurs,
79:35 That Day man would recount what he strove for,
79:36 And the Hell would be made manifest for all to see.
79:37 And then anyone who had transgressed divinely set bounds,
79:38 And had preferred the life of this world,
79:39 That one's abode shall indeed be in Hell.
79:40 And one who had been afraid of standing before his Lord and had restrained one's self from carnal desires,
79:41 That one's abode shall indeed be in Paradise.
79:42 They ask you [Prophet] about the Hour (the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin), "When is it coming?"
79:43 What have you to do with the mentioning of it [the time of the occurrence of the Hour]?
79:44 With your Lord rests the final and only Authority to know when the Hour would happen.
79:45 You [Prophet] are but a warner for those who fear it [the Hour].
79:46 The Day they see it [the Hereafter], they will feel as if they had stayed for only one evening or one morning thereof.


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