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79:1  I CALL TO WITNESS those who dive and drag
79:2  And those who undo the bonds gently
79:3  And those who glide swimmingly
79:4  Then outpace the others swiftl
79:5  And direct affairs by command
79:6  The day the convulsive (first blast) shatters convulsivel
79:7  Followed by the second blast
79:8  Hearts will pound loudly on that day
79:9  Eyes be lowered in submission
79:10  They say: "Shall we go back to our original stat
79:11  After having turned to carious bones?"
79:12  They say: "Then this returning will be a dead loss."
79:13  It will only be a single blast
79:14  And they will wake up suddenly
79:15  Has the story of Moses come to yo
79:16  When his Lord called to him in Tuwa's holy vale
79:17  "Go to the Pharaoh who has become refractory
79:18  And say: 'Would you like to grow (in virtue)
79:19  Then I will guide you to your Lord that you may come to fear Him.'"
79:20  So he showed him the greater sign
79:21  But (the Pharaoh) disavowed and disobeyed
79:22  Then he turned away, deliberating
79:23  And assembled (his council) and proclaimed
79:24  Saying: "I am alone your lord, the highest of them all."
79:25  So God seized him for the punishment of the Hereafter and this world
79:26  Truly there is a lesson in this for those who fear (the consequences)
79:27  Are you more difficult to create or the heavens? He built it
79:28  Raised it high, proportioned it
79:29  Gave darkness to its night, and brightness to its day
79:30  And afterwards spread out the earth
79:31  He brought out its water and its pastures from it
79:32  And stabilized the mountain
79:33  As convenience for you and your cattle
79:34  When the great calamity comes
79:35  The day when man remembers all that he had done
79:36  And Hell made visible to him who can see
79:37  Then he who had been rebelliou
79:38  And who preferred the life of the world
79:39  Will surely have Hell for his abode
79:40  But he who feared standing before his Lord, and restrained his self from vain desires
79:41  Will surely have Paradise for abode
79:42  They ask you: "When will the Hour be? When is its time fixed?"
79:43  What do you have to do with explaining it
79:44  The extent of its knowledge goes to your Lord
79:45  Your duty is only to warn him who fears it
79:46  The day they see it, it will seem they had stayed in the world but only an evening or its turning into dawn