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79:1  By [the winds] that pluck out vehementl
79:2  and those that blow gently
79:3  and by [the clouds] that swim serenely an
79:4  by those that outstrip them suddenly
79:5  and by those who regulate events
79:6  On the Day when a violent convulsion will convulse [the world]
79:7  to be followed by further [convulsions]
79:8  hearts will be throbbing
79:9  while eyes will be downcast
79:10  They say, What? shall we be brought back to life
79:11  even after we have turned into decayed bones
79:12  and they say, That indeed would be a losing return
79:13  But all it will take is a single blast
79:14  and behold! They will all come out in the open
79:15  Have you heard the story of Moses
79:16  His Lord called out to him by the sacred valley of Tuwa
79:17  [saying], Go to Pharaoh, he has exceeded all bounds
79:18  and say, Will you reform yourself
79:19  Do you want me to guide you to your Lord, so that you should fear Him
79:20  Moses showed him the great sign
79:21  but he denied it and refused [the faith]
79:22  Then he quickly turned his back
79:23  And he summoned all his people
79:24  and proclaimed, I am your supreme Lord
79:25  but God seized him and meted out to him the chastisement of both the next world and the present
79:26  surely there is in this a lesson for the God-fearing
79:27  [O Men!] Are you more difficult to create than the heaven which He has built
79:28  by raising its vault high and fashioning it flawlessly
79:29  and making its night dark and bringing forth its morning light
79:30  and the earth which He spread out
79:31  after that bringing forth from it its water and its pasture land
79:32  and making the mountains firm
79:33  [all this] as a means of sustenance for you and your animals
79:34  When the great overwhelming event arrives
79:35  on the Day that man remembers what he strove fo
79:36  and Hell is there for all to see
79:37  anyone who has acted arrogantl
79:38  and prefers the life of this world
79:39  will find himself in Hell
79:40  but one who fears to stand before his Lord and restrained himself from base desires
79:41  shall dwell in Paradise
79:42  They will ask you [Prophet] about the Hour, saying, When it will come to pass?
79:43  what have you to do with the mentioning of it
79:44  Your Lord alone knows when it will come
79:45  you are but a warner for those who fear it
79:46  On the Day when they see it, they will feel as if they had tarried in this world for only one evening or one morning