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79:1  CONSIDER those [stars] that rise only to set
79:2  and move [in their orbits] with steady motion
79:3  and float [through space] with floating serene
79:4  and yet overtake [one another] with swift overtaking
79:5  and thus they fulfil the [Creator's] behest
79:6  [HENCE, think of] the Day when a violent convulsion will convulse [the world]
79:7  to be followed by further [convulsions]
79:8  On that Day will [men's] hearts be throbbing
79:9  [and] their eyes downcast..
79:10  [And yet,] some say, "What! Are we indeed to be restored to our former state –
79:11  even though we may have become [a heap of] crumbling bones?"
79:12  [And] they add, "That, then, would be a return with loss!"
79:13  [But,] then, that [Last Hour] will be [upon them of a sudden, as if it were] but a single accusing cry
79:14  and then, lo, they will be fully awakened [to the truth]
79:15  HAS THE STORY of Moses ever come within thy ken
79:16  Lo! His Sustainer called out to him in the twice-hallowed valley
79:17  "Go unto Pharaoh - for, verily, he has transgressed all bounds of what is right
79:18  and say [unto him], 'Art thou desirous of attaining to purity
79:19  [If so,] then I shall guide thee towards [a cognition of] thy Sustainer, so that [henceforth] thou wilt stand in awe [of Him].’"
79:20  And thereupon he [went to Pharaoh and] made him aware of the great wonder [of God's grace]
79:21  But [Pharaoh] gave him the lie and rebelliously rejected [all guidance]
79:22  and brusquely turned his back [on Moses]
79:23  and then he gathered [his great ones], and called [unto his people]
79:24  and said, "I am your Lord All-Highest!"
79:25  And thereupon God took him to task, [and made him] a warning example in the life to come as well as in this world
79:26  In this, behold, there is a lesson indeed for all who stand in awe [of God]
79:27  [O MEN!] Are you more difficult to create than the heaven which He has built
79:28  High has He reared its vault and formed it in accordance with what it was meant to be
79:29  and He has made dark its night and brought forth its light of day
79:30  And after that, the earth: wide has He spread its expanse
79:31  and has caused its waters to come out of it, and its pastures
79:32  and has made the mountains firm
79:33  [all this] as a means of livelihood for you and your animals
79:34  AND SO, when the great overwhelming event [of, resurrection] comes to pass –
79:35  on that Day man will [clearly] remember all that he has ever wrought
79:36  and the blazing fire [of hell] will be lad open before all who [are destined to] see it
79:37  For, unto him who shall have transgressed the bounds of what is right
79:38  and preferred the life of this world [to the good of his soul]
79:39  that blazing fire will truly be the goal
79:40  But unto him who shall have stood in fear of his Sustainer's Presence, and held back his inner self from base desires
79:41  paradise will truly be the goal
79:42  THEY WILL ASK thee [O Prophet] about the Last Hour: "When will it come to pass?"
79:43  [But] how couldst thou tell anything about it
79:44  [seeing that] with thy Sustainer alone rests the beginning and the end [of all knowledge] thereof
79:45  Thou art but [sent] to warn those who stand in awe of it
79:46  On the Day when they behold it, [it will seem to them] as if they had tarried [in this world] no longer than one evening or [one night, ending with] its morn