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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah

an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah
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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 By the pluckers (the angels of death), violently plucking (the souls of the unbelievers),
79:2 by the drawers (the angels of death), gently drawing (the souls of the believers),
79:3 by the swimmers (angels) swimming gently
79:4 and the outstrippers (angels), outstripping,
79:5 by the managers (angels) affair.
79:6 On the Day, the shiverer shivers
79:7 followed by the succeeding,
79:8 hearts will throb on that Day
79:9 and their eyes will be humbled.
79:10 They say: 'What, are we being restored as we were before,
79:11 even after we are fragmented bones? '
79:12 They will say: 'Then we are returned lost! '
79:13 But it will be only a single blow,
79:14 and they will be upon the surface of the earth (alive).
79:15 Have you received the story of Moses?
79:16 His Lord called to him in the Sacred Valley of Towa,
79:17 saying 'Go to Pharaoh, he has become exceedingly insolent,
79:18 and say: "Will you purify yourself,
79:19 that I might guide you to your Lord, so that you fear (Him)."
79:20 He showed him the mighty sign,
79:21 but he belied and disobeyed,
79:22 and hastily turned away,
79:23 then, he gathered, proclaimed, then said:
79:24 'I am your lord, the most high! '
79:25 So Allah seized him with the punishment of the Everlasting Life, and of this world.
79:26 Surely, in this there is a lesson for he that fears!
79:27 What, are you harder to create than the heaven which He has built?
79:28 He raised it high and leveled it,
79:29 and darkened its night and brought forth its morning.
79:30 And the earth He extended after that;
79:31 and then brought from it its water and pastures.
79:32 And the mountains He set firm
79:33 an enjoyment for you and your herds.
79:34 But when the Great Catastrophe comes,
79:35 the Day when the human will remember what he has worked for,
79:36 and when Hell is advanced for whoever sees,
79:37 then as for whosoever was insolent
79:38 preferring the present life,
79:39 surely, Hell will be their refuge.
79:40 But, whosoever feared the standing before his Lord and prevented the self from desires,
79:41 indeed, their refuge shall be Paradise.
79:42 They will question you about the Hour: 'When shall it be? '
79:43 But how are you to know?
79:44 Its final end is for your Lord.
79:45 You are but a warner for those who fear it.
79:46 On the Day when they behold it, it will be as if they had lingered but an evening, or, a morning.


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