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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 By the angels who tear forth the souls of some with violence;
79:2 and by those who draw forth the souls of others with gentleness;
79:3 by those who glide swimmingly through the air with the commands of God;
79:4 and those who precede and usher the righteous to paradise;
79:5 and those who subordinately govern the affairs of this world:
79:6 On a certain day, the disturbing blast of the trumpet shall disturb the universe;
79:7 and the subsequent blast shall follow it.
79:8 On that day men's hearts shall tremble:
79:9 Their looks shall be cast down.
79:10 The infidels say, shall we surely be made to return whence we came?
79:11 After we shall have become rotten bones, shall we be again raised to life?
79:12 They say, this then will be a return to loss.
79:13 Verily it will be but one sounding of the trumpet,
79:14 and behold, they shall appear alive on the face of the earth.
79:15 Hath not the story of Moses reached thee?
79:16 When his Lord called unto him in the holy valley Towa, saying,
79:17 go unto Pharaoh; for he is insolently wicked:
79:18 and say, hast thou a desire to become just and holy?
79:19 And I will direct thee unto thy Lord, that thou mayest fear to transgress.
79:20 And he shewed him the very great sign of the rod turned into a serpent:
79:21 But he charged Moses with imposture, and rebelled against God.
79:22 Then he turned back hastily;
79:23 and he assembled the magicians, and cried aloud, saying,
79:24 I am your supreme Lord.
79:25 Wherefore God chastised him with the punishment of the life to come, and also of this present life.
79:26 Verily herein is an example unto him who feareth to rebel.
79:27 Are ye more difficult to create, or the heaven which God hath built?
79:28 He hath raised the height thereof, and hath perfectly formed the same:
79:29 And He hath made the night thereof dark, and hath produced the light thereof.
79:30 After this, He stretched out the earth,
79:31 whence He caused to spring forth the water thereof, and the pasture thereof;
79:32 and He established the mountains,
79:33 for the use of yourselves, and of your cattle.
79:34 When the prevailing, the great day shall come,
79:35 on that day shall a man call to remembrance what he hath purposely done:
79:36 And hell shall be exposed to the view of the spectator.
79:37 And whoso shall have transgressed,
79:38 and shall have chosen this present life;
79:39 verily hell shall be his abode:
79:40 But whoso shall have dreaded the appearing before his Lord, and shall have refrained his soul from lust;
79:41 verily paradise shall be his abode.
79:42 They will ask thee concerning the last hour, when will be the fixed time thereof.
79:43 By what means canst thou give any information of the same?
79:44 Unto thy Lord belongeth the knowledge of the period thereof:
79:45 And thou art only a warner, who fearest the same.
79:46 The day whereon they shall see the same, it shall seem to them as though they had not tarried in the world longer than an evening, or a morning thereof.


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