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79:1  By those that pluck out vehementl
79:2  and those that draw out violently
79:3  by those that swim serenel
79:4  and those that outstrip suddenl
79:5  by those that direct an affair
79:6  Upon the day when the first blast shiver
79:7  and the second blast follows it
79:8  hearts upon that day shall be athro
79:9  and their eyes shall be humbled
79:10  They shall say, 'What, are we being restored as we were before
79:11  What, when we are bones old and wasted?
79:12  They shall say, 'That then were a losing return!
79:13  But it shall be only a single scare
79:14  and behold, they are awakened
79:15  Hast thou received the story of Moses
79:16  When his Lord called to him in the holy valley, Towa
79:17  'Go to Pharaoh; he has waxed insolent
79:18  And say, "Hast thou the will to purify thyself
79:19  and that I should guide thee to thy Lord, then thou shalt fear?"
79:20  So he showed him the great sign
79:21  but he cried lies, and rebelled
79:22  then he turned away hastily
79:23  then he mustere
79:24  and proclaimed, and he said, 'I am your Lord, the Most High!
79:25  So God seized him with the chastisement of the Last World and the First
79:26  Surely in that is a lesson for him who fears
79:27  What, are you stronger in constitution or the heaven He built
79:28  He lifted up its vault, and levelled it
79:29  and darkened its night, and brought forth its forenoon
79:30  and the earth-after that He spread it out
79:31  therefrom brought forth its waters and its pastures
79:32  and the mountains He set firm
79:33  an enjoyment for you and your flocks
79:34  Then, when the Great Catastrophe come
79:35  upon the day when man shall remember what he has striven
79:36  and Hell is advanced for whoever sees
79:37  then as for him who was insolen
79:38  and preferred the present life
79:39  surely Hell shall be the refuge
79:40  But as for him who feared the Station of his Lord and forbade the soul its caprice
79:41  surely Paradise shall be the refuge
79:42  They will question thee concerning the Hour, when it shall berth
79:43  What art thou about, to mention it
79:44  Unto thy Lord is the final end of it
79:45  Thou art only the warner of him who fears it
79:46  It shall be as if; on the day they see it, they have but tarried for an evening, or its forenoon