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14:1  Alif L[m R[. This is a Book We caused to descend to thee so that thou hast brought humanity out from the shadows into the light with the permission of their Lord to the path of The Almighty, The Worthy of Praise.
14:2  God! To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in and on the earth, and woe to the ones who are ungrateful. For them is the severe punishment,
14:3  those who embrace this present life instead of the world to come and bar from the way of God, and desire in it crookedness. Those are wandering far astray.
14:4  We sent not any Messenger but with the tongue of his folk in order that he make it manifest for them. Then, God causes to go astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And He is The Almighty, The Wise.
14:5  And, certainly, We sent Moses with Our signs saying: Bring out thy folk from the shadows into the light and remind them of the Days of God. Truly, in that are signs for every enduring, grateful one.
14:6  And mention when Moses said to his folk: Remember the divine blessing of God to you when He rescued you from the people of Pharaoh who cause an affliction to befall you—a dire punishment—and slaughter your children and save alive your women. And in it was a serious trial from your Lord.
14:7  And mention when your Lord caused to be proclaimed: If you gave thanks, I will increase your blessings. And if you were ungrateful, truly, My punishment will be severe.
14:8  And Moses said: Even if you are ungrateful, you and what is in and on the earth altogether, then, truly, God is Sufficient, Worthy of Praise.
14:9  Approach not to you the tidings of those before you: The folk of Noah and Ad and Thamud and of those after them. None knows them but God. Their Messengers drew near them with the clear portents, but they shoved their hands into their mouths in denial. Then, they said: Truly, we disbelieved in what you were sent and we are in uncertainty about that to which you call us. We are in grave doubt.
14:10  Their Messengers said: Is there any uncertainty about God, One Who is Originator of the heavens and the earth? He calls you so that He would forgive you your impieties and postpone for you a term, that which is determined. They said: You are only mortal like us. You want to bar us from what our fathers had been worshipping. Then, bring us a clear authority.
14:11  Their Messengers said to them: We are only mortals like you except God shows His grace on whom He wills of His servants. And it had not been for us that we bring you an authority, but by the permission of God. And in God let the ones who believe put their trust.
14:12  And why should we not put our trust in God while, surely, He guided us to our ways? And we will endure patiently however you maligned us. And in God let the ones who trust, put their trust.
14:13  And those who were ungrateful said to their Messengers: Certainly, we will drive you out of our region unless you revert to our creed. So their Lord revealed to them: Truly, We will cause to perish the ones who are unjust.
14:14  Certainly, We will cause you to dwell in the region after them. This is for whoever feared My station and feared My threat.
14:15  And the Messengers sought judgment and frustrated was every haughty, stubborn one.
14:16  And hell is ahead of him. He will be given to drink of watery pus.
14:17  He will gulp it and he will be about to swallow it easily when death will approach him from every place, yet he will not be dead. And ahead of him will be a harsh punishment.
14:18  A parable of those who were ungrateful to their Lord, their actions are as ashes over which the wind blew strongly on a tempestuous day. They will have no power over anything they earned. That is the wandering far away, astray.
14:19  Hast thou not considered that God created the heavens and the earth in Truth? If He wills, He will cause you to be put away and bring a new creation.
14:20  And that is not a great matter for God.
14:21  And they will depart to God altogether. Then, the weak would say to those who grew arrogant: Truly, we had been followers of yours. Have you ones who avail us at all against the punishment of God? They would say: If God would have guided us, we would have guided you. It is equal to us whether we were patientless or endured patiently. There is no asylum for us.
14:22  Satan would say when the command would be decided: Truly, God promised you a promise of the Truth. And I promised you, but I broke it. And I had been no authority over you, but that I called to you and you responded to me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I am not one who assists you nor are you one who assists me. Truly, I was ungrateful for your ascribing me as partner with God before. Truly, the ones who are unjust, for them is a painful punishment.
14:23  And will be caused to enter those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality into Gardens beneath which rivers run. They, ones who will dwell in them forever with the permission of their Lord. And their greeting in it will be: Peace!
14:24  Hast thou not considered how God propounded a parable? What is like a good word is what is like a good tree. Its root is one that is firm and its branches are in heaven.
14:25  It gives all its produce for a while with the permission of its Lord. And God propounds parables for humanity so that perhaps they will recollect.
14:26  And the parable of a bad word is that of a bad tree, that was uprooted from above the earth, so it has no stability.
14:27  God makes firm those who believed with the saying, one that is firm in this present life and in the world to come. And God will cause to go astray the ones who are unjust. And God accomplishes what He wills.
14:28  Hast thou not considered those who substituted ingratitude for the divine blessing of God and caused their folk to live in abodes of nothingness?
14:29  They will roast in hell. Miserable will be the stopping place!
14:30  And they made rivals with God, causing others to go astray from His way. Say: Take joy, but, truly, your homecoming is the fire!
14:31  Say to My servants who believed that they should perform the formal prayer and spend from what We provided them secretly and in public before a Day approaches in which there is neither trading nor befriending.
14:32  God is He Who created the heavens and the earth and caused water to descend from heaven and brought out thereby fruits as provision for you. And He caused boats to be subservient to you that they run through the sea by His command. And He caused rivers to be subservient to you.
14:33  And He caused the sun to be subservient to you and the moon, both, ones that are constant in their work. And He caused the nighttime to be subservient to you and the daytime.
14:34  And He gave you all that you asked of Him. And if you were to number the divine blessing of God, you would not count them, truly, the human being is wrongdoing and an ingrate.
14:35  And when Abraham said: My Lord! Make this land that which is safe and cause me and my children to turn away from worshipping idols.
14:36  My Lord! Truly, they caused to go astray many among humanity; so whoever heeded me, truly, he is of me. And whoever rebelled against me, then Thou art, truly, Forgiving, Compassionate.
14:37  Our Lord! Truly, I caused to dwell some of my offspring in an unsown valley by Thy Holy House, O our Lord, they, certainly, perform the formal prayer. So make the minds among humanity yearn for them and provide them with fruits so that perhaps they will give thanks.
14:38  Our Lord! Truly, Thou hast known what we conceal and what we speak openly. And nothing is hidden from God in or on the earth or in heaven.
14:39  The Praise belongs to God Who bestowed on me in my old age Ishmael and Isaac. And, truly, my Lord is Hearing the supplication.
14:40  My Lord! Make me one who performs the formal prayer and from my offspring also. Our Lord! Receive my supplication.
14:41  Our Lord! Forgive Thou me and the ones who are my parents and the ones who believe on the Day the reckoning arises.
14:42  And assume not that God is One Who is Heedless of what the ones who are unjust do. He only postpones their reckoning to a Day when their sight will be fixed in horror,
14:43  ones who run forward with eyes fixed in horror, ones who lift up their heads. Their glance goes not back to them. And their minds are void.
14:44  And warn humanity of a Day the punishment will approach them. So those who did wrong will say: Our Lord! Postpone for us a near term so that we answer Thy call and follow the Messengers. Yet swore you not an oath before that there would be no ceasing for you?
14:45  And you inhabited the dwellings of those who did wrong to themselves. And it became clear to you how We accomplished against them and We propounded for you parables.
14:46  And, surely, they planned their plan and their plan was with God, even if their plan had been to displace mountains.
14:47  So assume not that God will be one who breaks His promise to His Messengers. Truly, God is Almighty, Possessor of Requital.
14:48  On a Day when the earth will be substituted for other than this earth and the heavens, they will depart to God, The One, The Omniscient God,
14:49  and thou wilt consider the ones who sin that Day, ones who are chained in bonds,
14:50  their tunics are made of pitch and the fire will overcome their faces
14:51  so that God would give recompense to every soul for what it earned. Truly, God is Swift in reckoning.
14:52  This is the delivering of the message to humanity so that they be warned by it and that they know that He is One God so that those imbued with intuition recollect.