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15:1  Alif L[m R[. That are the signs of the Book and of a clear Recitation.
15:2  It may be those who were ungrateful would wish that they had been ones who submit to God.
15:3  Forsake them to eat and let them take joy and be diverted with hopefulness. Then, they will know.
15:4  And We caused not a town to perish but there was for it a known prescription.
15:5  No community precedes its term nor delays it.
15:6  And they say: O thou to whom was sent down the Remembrance, truly, thou art one who is possessed.
15:7  Why hast thou not brought angels to us if thou hadst been the ones who are sincere?
15:8  We send angels down not but with The Truth. If they come to the ungrateful, they would not have been ones who are given respite.
15:9  Truly, We, We sent down the Remembrance and, truly, We are ones who guard it.
15:10  And, certainly, We sent Messengers before thee to partisans of the ancient ones.
15:11  And approach them not any Messenger but they had been ridiculing him.
15:12  Thus, We thrust it into the hearts of the ones who sin.
15:13  They believe not in it. Surely, passed away before them a custom of the ancient ones.
15:14  And even if We opened for them a door from heaven and they continued going up to it,
15:15  they would say: Truly, our sight was dazzled. Nay! We were a bewitched folk.
15:16  And, certainly, We made constellations in the heavens and We made them appear pleasing to the ones who look.
15:17  And We kept them safe from every accursed satan,
15:18  but he who had the ability to hear by eavesdropping. Then, a clear flame pursued him.
15:19  And We stretched out the earth and We cast on it firm mountains and We caused to develop on it that which was well-balanced of everything.
15:20  And We made on it for you a livelihood and for whomever you are not ones who provide.
15:21  And there is not a thing, but its treasures are with Us and We send it down not but in a known measure.
15:22  And We sent fertilizing winds. Then, We caused water to descend from heaven, then, We satiated you, and you are not ones who are its keepers.
15:23  And, truly, it is We Who give life and cause to die and We are the ones who inherit.
15:24  And, certainly, We knew the ones who precede among you and, certainly, We knew the ones who come later.
15:25  And, truly, thy Lord is He Who assembles. Truly, He is Wise, Knowing.
15:26  And, certainly, We created the human being out of earth-mud of soft wet earth.
15:27  And We created the ones who are spirits before from the fire of a burning wind.
15:28  And mention when thy Lord said to the angels: Truly, I am One Who is Creator of mortals out of earth-mud of soft wet earth.
15:29  That is when I shaped him and breathed into him of My Spirit. So fall down before him as ones who prostrate themselves.
15:30  The angels prostrated themselves, one and all,
15:31  but Iblis. He refused to be with the ones who prostrate themselves.
15:32  He said: O Iblis! What is with thee that thou be not with the ones who prostrate themselves?
15:33  Iblis said: I will not be prostrating myself before a mortal whom Thou hadst created out of earth-mud of soft wet earth.
15:34  It was said: Go thou forth from here, for, truly, thou art accursed!
15:35  And, truly, a curse will be upon thee until the Day of Judgment.
15:36  Iblis said: O my Lord! Give me respite until the Day they are raised up.
15:37  He said: Then, truly, thou art among the ones who are given respite
15:38  until the Day of the known time.
15:39  Iblis said: My Lord! Because Thou hadst led me into error I will, certainly, make the earth appear pleasing to them and I will lead them one and all into error,
15:40  but Thy servants among them, the ones who are devoted.
15:41  He said: This is the straight path to Me.
15:42  Truly, as for My servants there is no authority for thee over them, but ones who are in error followed thee.
15:43  And, truly, hell is promised to them one and all.
15:44  It has seven doors. Then, for every one, a door set apart, is for them.
15:45  Truly, the ones who are Godfearing will be amidst gardens and springs.
15:46  Enter them in peace as ones who are safe!
15:47  And We will tear out any grudges from their breasts. They will be as brothers/sisters on couches, one facing the other.
15:48  In it neither fatigue will afflict them nor will they be ones who are driven out.
15:49  Tell My servants that I am The Forgiving, The Compassionate
15:50  and that My punishment, it is a painful punishment.
15:51  And tell them about the guests of Abraham
15:52  when they entered upon him and said: Peace! He said: Truly, we are afraid of you.
15:53  They said: Take no notice. Truly, we give thee good tidings of a knowing boy.
15:54  He said: Gave you good tidings to me even though old age afflicted me? So of what give you good tidings?
15:55  They said: We gave thee good tidings of The Truth, so thou art not of the ones who despair.
15:56  He said: Who despairs of the mercy of his Lord, but the ones who go astray?
15:57  He said: Then, what is your business, O the ones who are sent?
15:58  They said: We were sent to a folk, ones who sin,
15:59  but the family of Lot. Truly, we are ones who will deliver them one and all,
15:60  but his woman. We ordained that she be of the ones who stay behind.
15:61  Then, when the ones who are sent drew near the people of Lot,
15:62  he said: Truly, you are folk, ones unlawful to me.
15:63  They said: Nay! We drew near thee with what they had been contesting in it.
15:64  We approached thee with The Truth and, truly, we are ones who are sincere.
15:65  Then, set forth with thy family in a part of the night and follow thou their backs and look not back any of you, but pass on to where you are commanded.
15:66  And We decreed the command to him that the last remnant of these would be that which is severed, in that which is morning.
15:67  The people of the city drew near rejoicing at the good tidings.
15:68  Lot said: Truly, these are my guests, so put me not to shame.
15:69  Be Godfearing of God and cover me not with shame.
15:70  They said: Prohibit we thee not from some beings?
15:71  Lot said: These are my daughters if you hadst been ones who do something.
15:72  By thy life, truly, they were in a daze, wandering unwilling to see.
15:73  So the Cry took them at sunrise.
15:74  And We made its high part low and We rained down on them rocks of baked clay.
15:75  Truly, in this are signs for the ones who read marks.
15:76  And, truly, they are ones who are on an abiding way.
15:77  Truly, in it is a sign for the ones who believe.
15:78  And, truly, the Companions of the Thicket had been ones who are unjust
15:79  so We requited them and they were both on a clear high road.
15:80  Certainly, the Companions of the Rocky Tract denied the ones who are sent.
15:81  And We gave them Our signs. Then, they had been ones who turn aside from them.
15:82  And they had been carving out safe houses from mountains,
15:83  but the Cry took them in that which is morning.
15:84  And availed them not what they had been earning.
15:85  And We created not the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between them but with The Truth. And, truly, the Hour is one that arrives. So overlook with a graceful overlooking.
15:86  Truly, thy Lord is The Knowing Creator.
15:87  And, certainly, We gave thee seven often repeated parts of the sublime Quran.
15:88  And stretch not out thy eyes for what We gave of enjoyment in this life to spouses among them, nor feel remorse for them, but make low thy wing in kindness to the ones who believe.
15:89  And say: Truly, I am a clear warner,
15:90  even as We caused to descend on the ones who are partitioners,
15:91  those who made the Quran into fragments.
15:92  So by thy Lord, We will, certainly, ask them one and all
15:93  about what they had been doing.
15:94  So call aloud what thou art commanded: Turn aside from the ones who are polytheists!
15:95  Truly, We sufficed thee against the ones who ridicule,
15:96  those who make with God another god. But they will know.
15:97  And, certainly, We know that thy breast became narrowed, injured in spirit, because of what they say.
15:98  So glorify the praises of thy Lord and be among the ones who prostrate themselves
15:99  and worship thy Lord until the certainty approaches thee.