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14:1  A L R a Book We descended it to you, to bring the people out from the darknesses to the light with their Lord's permission, to the glorious's/mighty's the praise worthy's/commendable's way/path
14:2  God, (is) who to Him what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and grief/distress to the disbelievers from strong (severe) torture
14:3  Those who love/like (prefer) the life the present/worldly life over the end (other life), and they obstruct/prevent from God's way/path and they desire it (be) bent/crookedness , those are in distant/far misguidance
14:4  And We did not send from a messenger except with his nation's tongue/language , to clarify/explain to them, so God misguides whom He wills/wants, and He guides whom He wills/wants, and He is the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
14:5  And We had sent Moses with Our signs/evidences/verses: "That bring out your nation from the darknesses to the light, and remind them with God's days/times that in that (are) evidences/verses to every patient/endurer, thankful/grateful."
14:6  And when Moses said to his nation: "Remember/mention God's blessing/goodness on you, when He saved/rescued you from Pharaoh's family, they impose upon you the torture's harm/evil , and they slaughter your sons and they shame your women, and in that is a great test from your Lord
14:7  And when your Lord announced/informed if (E) you thanked/became grateful, I will increase you (E), and if (E) you disbelieved that My torture (is) strong (E) (severe)
14:8  And Moses said: "If you disbelieve you and who (is) in the earth/Planet Earth all together, so then God (is) rich (E) praiseworthy/commendable."
14:9  Did not information/news (of) those from before you come to you, nation (of) Noah and Aad and Thamud and those from after them? No (one) knows them except God, their messengers came to them with the evidences, so they returned their hands in their mouths (they bit their fingers from anger), and they said: "We have disbelieved with what you were sent with it, and we are in (E) doubtful/suspicious doubt/suspicion from what you call us to it."
14:10  Their messenger said: "Is (there) doubt/suspicion in God, creator/bringer to being (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, He calls you to forgive for you from your crimes, and He delays you to (a) named/identified term/time?" They said: "That you are except humans similar/equal to us, you want/intend that you prevent/obstruct us from what our fathers were worshipping, so come to us/bring to us with a clear/evident proof/evidence ."
14:11  Their messengers said to them: "That we are except humans similar/equal to you, and but God blesses on whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves, and (it) was not for us that we come to you with a proof/evidence , except with God's permission , and on God so should the believers rely/depend ."
14:12  And why not for us that we not, rely/depend on God, and He had guided us (to) our ways/paths , and we will be patient (E) on what you harmed us mildly (with it), and on God so should rely/depend the reliant/dependent
14:13  And those who disbelieved said to their messengers: "We will bring/drive you (E) out from our land/Earth, or you return (E) in (to) our religion/faith." So their Lord inspired/transmitted to them: "We will make die/destroy (E) the unjust/oppressors."
14:14  And We will make you reside/inhabit (E) the land/Earth from after them, that (is) to who feared My place/position, and feared My threat
14:15  And they seeked victory/judgment , and every stubborn/obstinate tyrant/rebel failed/despaired
14:16  From behind him (is) Hell , and he be given drink from pussy water
14:17  He swallows it little by little and (he) is not about to accept its taste/swallow it easily, and the death/lifelessness comes to him from every place/position, and he is not with dying, and from behind him (is) strong/rough torture
14:18  (The) example/proverb (of) those who disbelieved with their Lord, their deeds (are) like ashes, the wind strengthened in a stormy/violent day, they do (can) not be capable/able on a thing from what they gained/acquired , that (is) the misguidance , the distant/far
14:19  Do you not see/understand that God created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth with the truth , if He wills/wants He eliminates you and comes with a new creation
14:20  And that is not with a powerful/undefeatable on God
14:21  And they emerged/appeared to God all together , so the weak said to those who were arrogant: "That we, we were for you following, so are you sufficing/availing (helping) from us from (against) God's torture from a thing?" They said: "If God guided us, we would have guided you, (it is) equal on (to) us if we became grievous worried and impatient or we were patient, (there is) none from an escape/diversion for us."
14:22  And the devil said when the matter/affair/order/command was passed/judged : "That God promised you, the truth's promise, and I promised you, so I broke the promise to you, and (there) was not from a power/control to me on you except that I called you, so you answered/replied to me, so do not blame/reprimand me and blame/reprimand yourselves, I am not with aiding you (a savior), and you are not with aiding me, that I disbelieved with what you made me a partner (with God) from before. That the unjust/oppressive, for them (is) a painful torture."
14:23  And those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds were made to enter treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it immortally/eternally in it, with their Lord's permission , their greeting in it (is): "A security/peace ."
14:24  Do you not see/understand how God gave an example/proverb, (of) a good/pure word/expression ,as a good/pure tree, its root (is) affirmed/established (fixed) and its branch/top (is) in the sky
14:25  It gives/brings its food/fruits every period of time with its Lord's permission , and God gives the example/proverbs to the people, perhaps they mention/remember
14:26  And (the) example/proverb (of) a bad/spoiled word/expression (is) as a bad/spoiled tree, (it) was uprooted/cut down from above the ground , no bottom (root is) for it
14:27  God affirms/strengthens those who believed with the word/opinion and belief the affirmed/strengthened in the life the present/worldly life and the end (other life), and God misguides the unjust/oppressive, and God makes/does what He wills/wants
14:28  Do you not see/understand to those who exchanged/substituted God's blessing/goodness (by) disbelief, and they placed their nation (in) the destruction's/failure's home/place
14:29  Hell , they roast/suffer/burn (from) it, and how bad (is) the settlement/establishment
14:30  And they made/put to God equals (idols) to misguide from His way/path , say: "Live long/enjoy so that your end/destination (is) to the fire ."
14:31  Say to My worshippers/slaves those who believed: "They (should) keep up the prayers and spend from what We provided for them secretly and publicly from before that a day comes, (where there is) no selling/trading in it and nor differences in opinions/friendships
14:32  God is who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and He descended from the sky water so He brought out with it from the fruits a provision for you, and He manipulated for you the ships to flow/pass/orbit in the sea/river/ocean with His order/command, and He manipulated for you the rivers/waterways
14:33  And He manipulated for you the sun and the moon consistently/dedicated (B) , and He manipulated for you the night and the daytime
14:34  And He gave you from every (thing) what you asked/begged Him (for it), and if you count God's blessing/goodness , you do not count/compute it , that the human/mankind (is an) unjust/oppressive (E), (insistent) disbeliever
14:35  And when Abraham Said: "My Lord make that, the country/land safe/secure, and distance me/make me avoid and my sons and daughters that we worship the idols ."
14:36  My Lord that they (F) truly misguided (F) many from the people, so who followed me, so that he truly is from me, and who disobeyed me, so that You are forgiving, merciful
14:37  Our Lord, that I resided/inhabited from my descendants at a valley of no plants/crops at Your House/Home, the Forbidden/Respected/Sacred. Our Lord to stand/keep up the prayers, so make hearts from the people fall/drop to them, and provide for them, from the fruits, perhaps they thank/be grateful
14:38  Our Lord, You know what we hide, and what we declare/publicize , and (there is) not from a thing (that) hides from God in the earth/Planet Earth and nor in the sky/space
14:39  The praise/gratitude , (is) to God who granted to me on (in) the old age Ishmael and Isaac, that my Lord (is) hearing/listening (to) the call/prayer
14:40  My Lord make me continuing/keeping up the prayers, and from my descendants, our Lord, and accept my call/prayer
14:41  Our Lord forgive for me and to my parents and to the believers, (on) the Account Day/Resurrection Day starts
14:42  And do not think/suppose that God (is) ignoring/neglecting from what the unjust/oppressive make/do , but God delays them to a day the eye sights/knowledge stare/gaze in it
14:43  Humiliated/humble raising their heads humiliated and humbly, their eyes/eye lids do not return to them, and their hearts (are) emptiness
14:44  And warn/give notice, on a day the torture comes to them, so those who were unjust/oppressive say: "Our Lord delay us to a near/close term/time, we answer/reply (to) your call/request , and we follow the messengers." Did you not be sworn/made oath (swear/make oath) from before (that there is) none from vanishment/termination for you
14:45  And you resided in those who were unjust/oppressive (to) themselves' residences, and how We made/did with them was clarified/shown for you, and We gave to you the examples/proverbs
14:46  And they had cheated/deceived/schemed their cheatery/deceit/schemes, and at God (is) their cheatery/deceit/schemes, and if their cheating/deceit/schemes (was to make) the mountains vanish/terminate (E) from it
14:47  So do not think/suppose (E) , (that) God (is) breaking His promise (to) His messengers, that God (is) glorious/mighty , (capable) of revenge/punishment
14:48  A day the earth/Planet Earth be exchanged/substituted instead (of) the earth/Planet Earth, and the skies/space, and they emerged/appeared (went out) to God the one, the defeater/conqueror
14:49  And you see/understand the criminals/sinners (on) that day tied to each other in the ties/shackles/chains
14:50  Their shirts/clothes (are) from oily fluid from some trees (tar), and the fire covers/darkens their faces/fronts
14:51  (So) God rewards/reimburses (E) each self what (it) gained/acquired , that God (is) fast (in) the account/calculation
14:52  That (is) information/communication to the people, and to be warned/given notice with it, and to know that He is a one God, and (to owners) of the pure minds/hearts to remember/mention/praise/glorify