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14:1  A.L.R. Qur’an is a book revealed from God to Mohammad in order to lead mankind, by His will, out of darkness into light: The path of God Almighty, the only One Worthy of Worship
14:2  God is the owner of everything which exist in the heavens and in the earth. How terrible is God’s punishment being reserved for the disbeliever
14:3  Those who prefer this worldly life to Life after death, prefer dirt roads which lead to nowhere to God’s highway. They are indeed wrong
14:4  For those who ask why Qur’an is not revealed in another language as a miracle!] God has always sent His words to each nation on their own language so that they may get the message clearly. [The message thus being clear], God then makes whoever he pleases [of the disbelievers] to walk on the wrong path and whoever he pleases to join the right path and He is the All Mighty, the Wisest
14:5  I (God) sent Moses with [undeniable] miracles and said: “Lead your people out of darkness into the light and remind them of what they have to do (how to worship God) in each day of the Lord (as well as the history of mankind.) Those who are patient and grateful will understand it (wisdom of their daily acts of worship.)”
14:6  Moses said to his people: “Count your blessings. The Lord saved you from the tyranny of the Pharaoh’s people. They had made your life miserable: Slaughtering your males and abusing your females. What a harsh trial your Lord had subjected you to.”
14:7  Remember what your Lord has promised: “The more appreciative you are, the more I will shower you with my blessings. On the contrary, if you do not appreciate my blessings upon you, I will subject you to the sever punishments (for a complete sermon of Moses (as mentioned in the Bible) see Deuteronomy Ch.4-6-8-10-11-28-29-30.)”
14:8  Moses also said: “If you choose to disregard the Lord (along with all people on earth), God cares the least as He is in no need. He is The Wealthiest, the Only One worth of praise.”
14:9  Have you not heard about the previous nations (such as the people of Noah, Aad, Thamood, and the others who followed them?) There were also other nations (such as Mayas, Incas, etc.) that only God knows their full history. All those nations were blessed with Prophets who had undeniable miracles in support of their prophet hood. But when they conveyed the Message, people put their fingers in their mouth (the utmost sign of disrespect, as though they were vomiting) and said: “We disbelieve in your miracles and doubt about the way of life that you are inviting us to.”
14:10  Their prophets said: “Do you have doubt about the Lord who has initiated the heavens and the earth? What is wrong about His willingness to forgive your sins and giving you a second chance from now till the rest of your life [so that you prove that you deserve His generosity?” The disbelievers replied: “Who are you? You are nothing but human beings like us. You simply want to change our way of life (as it is fashionable today to refer to as American way of life in the U.S.) and deprive us of what our forefathers have worshipped in their wisdom. If you are truthful, come up with a miracle in support of your claims.”
14:11  Their prophets replied: “True, we are human beings like you. Do you have any objection if the Lord blesses someone among you and appoint him as His Messenger for you? As for your demand for a miracle, we cannot produce none without the will of the Lord. Know that in God alone the believers put their trust.”
14:12  They continued: “Is there any reason that we should not trust the One Who has guided us to the straight path? We will patiently continue put up with your persecution. Those who are blessed with the ability to trust, trust none but the Lord.”
14:13  The disbelievers replied: “Enough is enough; if you do not join us, we will kick you our of our state.” The Lord then revealed to them: “It is time to destroy the disbelievers.”
14:14  “Then, I will establish you in their land as a reward for respecting Me and believing in My promise.”
14:15  They challenged the Lord and received what they deserved. Every tyrant has to face his doom
14:16  Waiting for such person is Hell, wherein he has nothing to drink but a boiling disgusting water
14:17  He can not bear more than a sip. He will face the agony of the death which will approach him from every direction, yet he will not be terminated. He has to continue suffering
14:18  The disbelievers’ good deeds will not benefit them (as it is the truth that has to remain and the falsehood, with all its beneficial side effect has to vanish.) Their works will disappear the same way that the ashes disappear by a strong wind in a stormy day. Such is the case of one who goes far from the boundaries set by God
14:19  Do you not see that God has based the creation of the heavens and the earth on the basis of (the survival of the) truth? If He (faces the human being’s continuous effort to establish the falsehood then He) may decide to remove man and substitute him with a new creation
14:20  This is not difficult at all for God
14:21  When the disbelievers stand before God, they will ask their leaders: “We used to follow you. Can you help us now to receive a little bit lighter sentence from God?” Their leader will say: “If we had deserved the Lord’s guidance in our worldly life, we would have guided you (so that you receive a lighter sentence, or none, today.) Now it is too late. Whether we face our destiny with patience or grief, there is no escape for us
14:22  Once the judgment is passed, Satan will say: “God kept His promises. I broke my promises to you. I never had any power over you. I invited you to my path and you simply accepted it. Therefore, do not blame me; blame yourselves. Today, neither I can help you nor you can get me out of trouble. You chose me as your Lord by obeying me [instead of obeying God.] I disown you for adopting other than God as your lords. The unjust people (such as yours who committed such a big injustice) have to taste an awful punishment
14:23  As for those who chose to believe (and what they did in their life was God pleasing,) they will enter into the gardens of Paradise under which the canals of water flow. They will have the permission of the Lord to stay there forever and will be greeted with : “Peace!&rdquo
14:24  God considers the “Pure Word” (the belief in oneness of God, God pleasing acts, regulars worshipping acts, charity, belief in Hereafter, etc.) as a “pure tree” which is deeply rooted on earth (in the heart of the believers) and its branches high in the sky (striving to reach the Heaven.
14:25  Such three has permission form the Lord to bear fruits every season (from which the spirits of the believers feed.) Thus, God makes His points clear so that people come to their senses
14:26  As to the “Evil Word” (opposite of the Pure word), it is like a tree that has no root (essence) to stand upon. It is chopped at the soil level
14:27  God strengthens those who believe with His “Firm word” in this life as well as in the Hereafter. As to the unjust people, God will send them to the darkness (as they have proven that they do not deserve the guidance) and God does whatever He wills
14:28  Have you noted those who responded to the Lord’s blessings with ingratitude and led (themselves as well as) their people (family/ followers) to where the losers end up in
14:29  Yes; they will end up in the Hell. What an evil place to end up in
14:30  They fabricate their own ideologies setting up equals to God. Say to them: “Enjoy this short life of yours as you are headed towards the Hell.”
14:31  Say to those servants of mine who have chosen to believe: “Worship the Lord on regular basis, spend a part of your income (that God has given you at first place) to the charity (publicly or secretly) before the coming of a Day in which there will be neither bargaining nor any friendly gestures
14:32  God is the One Who has created the heavens and the earth. He sends down the water from the sky in order to grow all kinds of agricultural products for you to eat. He has let you take control of the ships by which He may let you travel overseas and has put the rivers as well subservient to you
14:33  God is the One Who has made the sun and the moon (which constantly follow their paths) of service to you. He has also subjected the night and the day to [the laws which are beneficial to] you
14:34  God has given you what you have asked for. As a matter of fact, you are showered with so much blessings that you cannot even count them! What a shame that mankind is unjust and ungrateful
14:35  Now (I open a new chapter and ask you to) remember when Abraham said: “My Lord, please make this place (Mecca) a city of peace and save me and my descendents from falling into idol worshipping trap.”
14:36  “Lord, idol worshipping has led many people to darkness. Those who follow me, they belong with me. As for those who do not follow me, (lead them to the right path as) you are forgiver and Most Merciful.”
14:37  “Lord, I have settled some of my off springs in an uncultivatable valley near your sacred House. Lord, I have given them this opportunity so that they may worship you properly. May you make the people’s hearts tender towards them. May you provide for them all kind of agricultural products and may they turn out grateful to your blessings.”
14:38  “Our Lord, you are aware of what we are keeping as secret to ourselves as well as what we declare publicly. The fact of the matter is, nothing in the earth and in the heaven is hidden from God.”
14:39  “I thank you God for granting me Ishmael and Isaac, at such an old age. I bear witness that My Lord answers the prayers.”
14:40  “Lord, bless me and my off springs with the urge to worship you on regular basis. Lord, may you respond to my prayers.”
14:41  “Lord, forgive me, my parents, as well as all the believers on the Day that we have to present our report card to you.”
14:42  Do not ever think that God is unaware of what the disbelievers do. He only leaves them alone for a while until the Day that the eyes will become wide open out of terror
14:43  They will rush (to the appointed place) in terror with their heads up-lifted. Their eyes will not even blink and they will be absolutely horrified
14:44  Let them know that there will be a Day when they have to face their punishment. Those who have been unjust will beg: “Our Lord, give just a little more time so that we respond to your Message and follow your Messengers.” They will be responded: “Are you not the same people who used to swear that there is no such thing as punishment?”
14:45  Remember that you live in the same land that its people wronged their souls. You know exactly how I punished them. Learn from such examples
14:46  The disbelievers had recourse to the most evil plans; the plans that could have moved the mountains. What they did not know was that God was aware of their plans
14:47  Do not think even for a moment that God will ever break what He has promised to His messengers. The Lord is Almighty & Revengeful
14:48  One Day (when the earth will be a totally different earth and the heavens will look strange,) everyone will be brought before the Lord, the One, the Irresistible
14:49  Then you will see all sinners chained together
14:50  They will be dipped in tar and their faces covered with fire
14:51  Thus God will pay each soul what it has earned. Yes; God is swift in implementing His Justice
14:52  This (Qur’an) is a universal Message for mankind. Let them all know that He is the One and Only One God. May those who are blessed with intelligence come to their senses and take this warning seriously