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51:1  And (by) the winnowers with (swift) winnowing
51:2  Then (by) the bearers of heavy burdens, (Or: obstruction)
51:3  Then (by) the runners with ease
51:4  Then (by) the dividers by the Command
51:5  Surely what you are promised is indeed sincere
51:6  And surely the Doom is indeed befalling
51:7  And (by) the heaven comprising interwoven tracks
51:8  Surely you (The pronoun is plural) are indeed of a different opinion, (Literally: of a different saying
51:9  Diverged therefrom whoever is diverged (from truth)
51:10  Slain are the constant conjecturers
51:11  They who are unmindful and in perplexity (about the Hereafter)
51:12  Asking, "When is the Day of Doom?"
51:13  The Day when it is they (who) will be tempted (Or: tried) at the Fire
51:14  "Taste your temptation! (Or: trial) This is what you were seeking to hasten."
51:15  Surely the pious will be in (the midst of) Gardens and Springs
51:16  Taking whatever their Lord has brought them; surely, they were fair-doers before that
51:17  They used to slumber (only) little of the night
51:18  And before dawn, it is they (who) would seek forgiveness
51:19  And in their riches, the beggar and the dispossessed have what is truthfully their due
51:20  And in the earth are signs for the ones having certitude
51:21  And in your selves; do you then not behold
51:22  And in the heaven is your provision and whatever you are promised
51:23  So by The Lord of the heaven and the earth, surely it is indeed true as (it is true) that you (can) pronounce (your languages)
51:24  Has the discourse about Ibrahim's (Abraham) honored guests come up (to your knowledge)
51:25  As they entered to him, then they said, "Peace!" He said, "Peace! (You) are a people disclaimed (by me)." (i.e., not recognized by me
51:26  So he went apart to his family, then came with a plump calf
51:27  So he laid it near them and said, "Will you not eat?"
51:28  Then he entertained a fright of them. They said, "Do not fear (anything)." And they gave him good tidings of a knowledgeable youth
51:29  So came forward his wife, clamoring; (literally: with a clamor) then she beat her face, and said, "An old sterile woman!"
51:30  They said, "Thus your Lord has said; surely He, Ever He, is The Ever-Wise, The Ever-Knowing."
51:31  Said he, "So, what is your concern, you Emissaries?"
51:32  They said, "Surely we have been sent to a criminal people
51:33  To send upon them stones of cla
51:34  Marked in the Reckoning of your Lord for the extravagant."
51:35  Then We brought out whoever of the believers who were in it
51:36  Yet, in no way did We find therein other than one house of Muslims; (i.e., those who surrender themselves to Allah)
51:37  And We have left in it a sign to the ones who fear the painful torment
51:38  And (also there is a sign) in Musa (Moses) as We sent him to Firaawn (pharaoh) with an evident, all- binding authority
51:39  Yet he turned away, with his (court) supporters, and said, "A sorcerer or a madman."
51:40  So We took him (away) and his hosts; then We flung them off in the main, (and) he was blameworthy
51:41  And (also there is a sign) in c?d as We sent against them the sterile wind
51:42  In no way did it come upon anything except that it left it out (and) made it as a rotten (stuff)
51:43  And (also there is a sign) in Thamud as it was said to them, "Take your enjoyment for a while."
51:44  Yet they rebelled against the Command of their Lord; so that stunning (thunderbolt) took them (away) (while) they were looking on
51:45  So in no way were they able to be upright, and in no way were they vindicators
51:46  And the people of Nuh (Noah) earlier, surely they were an immoral people
51:47  And the heaven (is also a sign). We have built it with (Our) Hands (i.e., Capability) and surely We are indeed extending (it) wide
51:48  And the earth, We have laid it out (as) a bedding, so how excellent are the Smoothers! (i.e., Those who make the earth as a cradle
51:49  And of everything We created pairs, that possibly you would be mindful
51:50  "So flee to Allah! Surely I am an evident, constant warner from Him to you
51:51  And do not set up with Allah another god; surely I am an evident, constant warner from Him to you."
51:52  Thus in no way did (any) Messenger come up to the ones even before them except that they said, "A sorcerer or a madman."
51:53  Have they enjoined (this saying) one to another? No indeed, (but) they are an inordinate people
51:54  Then turn back from them; so in no way are you blameworthy
51:55  And remind; then surely reminding profits the believers
51:56  And in no way did I create the jinn and humankind except to worship Me
51:57  In no way would I have from them any provision; and in no way would I have them to feed Me
51:58  Surely Allah is The Superb Provider, The Owner of Power, The Ever-Pervading
51:59  Then surely the ones who did injustice will have an allotment like the allotment of their companions; so let them not seek to hasten Me
51:60  So woe to the ones who have disbelieved from their Day which they are promised