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50:1  Qaf, (This is the name of a letter of the Arabic alphabet, and only Allah knows its meaning here) and (by) the Ever-Glorious Qur'an
50:2  No indeed, (but) they wonder that a warner has come to them from among them; then, the disbelievers say, "This is a wondrous thing
50:3  When we die and are dust (will we return)? That is a far returning!"
50:4  We already know what the earth diminishes of them; and in Our Providence is a Book Ever-Preserving
50:5  No indeed, (but) they cried lies to the Truth as soon as it came to them; so they are confused (Or: they are in a confused state) as regards the Command
50:6  Have they not then looked at the heaven above them, how We have built it, and adorned it, and (how) in no way has it any rifts
50:7  And the earth, We have extended and cast therein anchorages, (i.e., mountains) and We caused to grow in it of every delightful pair
50:8  For a clear demonstration, and a Reminding for every penitent bondman
50:9  And We have been sending down from the heaven water blessed; so We caused to grow thereby gardens and a grain of harvest
50:10  And palm-trees aloft with spathes tiered
50:11  A provision for the bondmen; and therewith We give life to a deceased country. Thus is the going out (of the graves)
50:12  Cried lies before them the people of Nuh, (Noah) and the companions of Ar-Rass, and Thamud
50:13  And Aad, and Firaawn, (Pharaoh) and the brothers of Lut, (Lot)
50:14  And the companions of the Thicket, and the people of Tubbac. Every one cried lies to the Messengers; so My threat came true
50:15  Did We then falter by the first creation? No indeed, (but) they are in confoundedness as to a new creation
50:16  And indeed We already created man, and We know whatever his self whispers within him, and We are nearer to him than the jugular vein
50:17  As the two Receiver (Angels) receive, on the right (hand) and on the left (hand), constantly seated
50:18  In no way does he utter a saying except that close to him is a (Guardian) constantly ready
50:19  And the stupor of death comes with the Truth; that is what you were averting
50:20  And the Trumpet is blown; that is the Day of the Threat
50:21  And every self will come, (and) with it a driver and a constantly present witness
50:22  "Indeed you were already in (a state of) heedlessness of this. Then (now) We have lifted off from you your covering; so your beholding today is very sharp." (Literally: iron "like"
50:23  And his comrade will say, "This is what is closely kept with me constantly ready."
50:24  "Cast, you both, in (to) Hell every stubborn, most disbelieving (one)
50:25  All) persistent preventers of charity, transgressors, (and the ones) causing suspicion
50:26  Who set up with Allah another god; so cast him, you both, in (to) the strict torment."
50:27  His comrade will say, "Our Lord, in no way did I cause him to be inordinate; but he was in far error."
50:28  He Allah) will say, "Do not take adversary stands with each other close to Me; and I have already forwarded to you the threat
50:29  In no way is the Saying exchanged close to Me; and in no way am I unjust to (My) slaves."
50:30  On the Day We will say to Hell, "Are you filled?" And it will say, "Is there any further increase?" (i.e., more to come)
50:31  And the Garden will be drawn forward for the pious, without being afar
50:32  This is what you have been promised; it is for every one who is a constant reporter (to Allah) (and) a constant preserver (of the Command)
50:33  Who is apprehensive of The All-Merciful in the Unseen and comes with a penitent heart
50:34  "Enter it in peace! That is the Day of Eternity."
50:35  Therein they will have whatever they decide on, and close to Us there is utmost increase
50:36  And how many a generation We caused to perish before them (who) were more valiant in assault than they, so that they overran the lands; (yet) had they any evasion (from Us)
50:37  Surely in that there is indeed a Reminding to him who has a heart, or is eager (Literally: cast "his" hearing) on hearing, and is a constantly present witness (to the Truth)
50:38  And indeed We already created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them in six days, and in no way has any fatigue touched Us
50:39  So (endure) patiently what they say and extol with the praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting
50:40  And in the night then extol (Him) and at the ends (Literally: at the rear) of prostrations
50:41  And listen for the Day when the Caller will call out from a near place
50:42  The Day (when) they hear the Shout with the Truth; that is the Day of going out (of the graves)
50:43  Surely We, Ever We, give life and make to die, and to Us is the Destiny
50:44  The Day (when) the earth is cloven from above them as they (go forth) swiftly; that is a mustering easy for Us
50:45  We know best whatever they say; and in no way are you a potentate over them. So remind by the Qur'an him who fears (My) threat