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52:1  And (by) At- Tur, (The Mount
52:2  And (by) a Book inscribed
52:3  In a parchment spread
52:4  And (by) the Home always frequented
52:5  And (by) the roof upraised
52:6  And (by) the sea seething
52:7  Surely your Lord's torment is indeed befalling
52:8  In no way (can) there be any repelling
52:9  The Day when the heaven whirls with (awful) whirling
52:10  And the mountains travel with (awful) traveling
52:11  Then woe upon that day to the beliers
52:12  They are the ones who play at their wading, (i.e., become absorbed
52:13  The Day when they are repulsed to the fire of Hell with (contemptuous) repulsing
52:14  "This is the Fire that you used to cry lies to
52:15  So, is this magic, or is it you (who) do not behold
52:16  Roast in it! So (endure) patiently (in it) or do not (endure) patiently, equal it is to you! Surely you are only being recompensed for whatever you were doing."
52:17  Surely the pious will be in Gardens and Bliss
52:18  Jesting with what their Lord has brought them, and their Lord will protect them from the torment of Hell-Fire_
52:19  "Eat and drink, (rejoicing) with wholesome appetite for whatever you were doing."_
52:20  Reclining upon ranged settees. And We will marry them to wide-eyed huras
52:21  And the ones who believed, and their offspring closely followed them in belief, We will join their offspring with them, and in no way will We withhold from them anything of their deed (s); every person will be a constant pledge for whatever he has earned
52:22  And We will supply them with fruits and flesh such as they crave for
52:23  Therein they will (obligingly) contend with one another cups, and there is no idle talk, and no room for vice
52:24  And (there) go round them youths of their own, as if they were nestled pearl (s)
52:25  And some of them come forward to others, asking one another (Literally: some (others) (questions)
52:26  They say, "Surely we were before among our families, (feeling) timorous
52:27  Then Allah was bounteous to us, and protected us from the torment of the Pestilential Wind
52:28  Surely we used earlier to invoke Him; surely He, Ever He, is The Ever-Benign, The Ever-Merciful."
52:29  Then remind! So in no way are you (The Prophet) by your Lord's favor a soothsayer or a madman
52:30  Or even do they say, "He is a poet for whom we await the uncertainty (i.e., the calamity of death; literally: the suspicion of fortune or fate) of fortune?"
52:31  Say, "Await! So surely I will be with you among the awaiting ones."
52:32  Or even do their immature understandings command them to do this
52:33  Or even are they an inordinate people?. Or even do they say, "He talked it foolishly?" No indeed, (but) they do not believe
52:34  Then let them come up with a discourse like this, in case they are sincere
52:35  Or even were they created out of nothing? Or even are they the creators
52:36  Or even did they create the heavens and the earth? No indeed, (but) they have no certitude
52:37  Or even do they have in their presence the treasuries of your Lord? Or even are they the dominators
52:38  Or even do they have a ladder wherein they listen? Then let their listener come up with an evident, all- binding authority
52:39  Or even has He the daughters, and you have the sons
52:40  Or even do you ask them for a reward, (and) so they are weighed down with heavy fines
52:41  Or even do they have in their presence the Unseen, (and) so they are writing (it) down
52:42  Or even would they like plotting? Then the ones who have disbelieved are they who are (circumvented) in their plotting
52:43  Or even do they have a god, other than Allah? All Extolment be to Allah above whatever they associate (with Him)
52:44  And in case they saw a dark lump falling down from the heaven, they would say, "Accumulated clouds!"
52:45  So, leave them out, till they meet their Day wherein they will be stunned. (i.e., thunderstruck
52:46  The Day when their plotting will not avail them anything, nor will they be vindicated
52:47  And surely, for the ones who did injustice, there is a torment besides that, but most of them do not know
52:48  And (endure) patiently under the Judgment of your Lord, (for) then surely you are under Our Eyes, and extol with the praise (s) of your Lord when you rise up
52:49  And for (part) of the night, then (also) extol Him, and at the with drawing of the stars