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51:1  By the air in motion with any degree of force perceptible to the senses, conveying physical phenomena and distributing them over the universe
51:2  And by the visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating at various heights in the upper air
51:3  And by the vessels, small or stately, floating on water propelled by the wind upon the sails or propelled by other means
51:4  And by the angels, the attendants and divine Messengers of Allah, who minister the affairs of mankind and all other beings, and apportion to each what is determined by Allah
51:5  That all that affords a ground of expectation of good and blessing, mercy and forgiveness to those whose deeds reflect wisdom and piety, and of retributive but just punishment to those who have denied Allah and challenged His ordinances, is consistent with the truth and agrees with reality
51:6  And that the final trial of mankind at the end of the world is indeed an inevitable event that shall fall to. their lot
51:7  By the heaven with its infinite expanse, its spheres, its imposing elevation and the inlaid patterns of bright gold
51:8  You people are indeed at variance in your statements and beliefs, discordant in your reasons and resolutions and it is evident that variance of opinion proves error somewhere
51:9  whereas the path of Allah is the path of safety and righteousness and His Quran features Him as the guide; it is resolute, and no one rejects it but him who befools his mind and judgment of it, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true
51:10  Denunciated, then, are those who suspect their Messengers of falsehood, make doubt and always give occasion to uncertainty
51:11  Who are sunk in pleasure with brains swimming with the thought of disbelief, immersed in strong delusion that they should believe a lie and disbelieve the truth
51:12  And contemptuously and insolently ask: " When will that alleged Day of Judgment fall to our lot?"
51:13  The Day shall come when, then, the faggot will be fried and they will fry in their own grease and suffer the consequences of their own folly
51:14  And there and then will they be scornfully told: "Taste with all your senses the unbearable sensation coming over your bodies by being cast into Hell Fire. This is what you always challenged be hastened on and there, did your minutes hasten to your end"
51:15  But the righteous who keep Allah in mind and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him will take abode in gardens of surpassing beauty ornamented with beautiful springs
51:16  satisfied with what Allah has fulfilled of their wish and their desire and expectation; they were charitable in life and they performed their duties to the best
51:17  They hardly missed a night but apportioned part of it, be it little or much, to divine worship at the expense of their sleep
51:18  And they entreated Allah humbly when the stars became invisible at the gleam of dawn: "O Allah they prayed, to err is human, to forgive is divine. We beseech your forgiveness of our errors and our iniquities if we had inadvertently done any"
51:19  And they apportioned a determinate share of their wealth to distribute among the needy who make requests for aid, and among those without the means of bare subsistence and among the faint souls past corporal toil
51:20  On earth are countless signs of miraculous nature serving to demonstrate divine power, omnipotence and authority; signs clearly recognized by those whose hearts have been touched with the Divine hand
51:21  And signs within yourselves: (bodily structure, organization and development, the characteristic appearance of an individual or a race, the vital functions and countless other signs): can you not see
51:22  And in heaven rest your livelihood and the means of sustaining life, and all that you have been promised of bliss for the righteous and suffering for the wicked
51:23  And so, by the Maker of the heavens and the earth: all of which promise has been made, is as true as the needle to the pole and as true as you express yourselves in words
51:24  Have you heard O Muhammad of the narrative of the disguised guests of Ibrahim (Abraham) on whom he imparted honour and respect
51:25  They entered in the presence, and greeted him with the expression of good will "Peace" and he met them with the dictum of welcome " Peace " stranger guests
51:26  He Quickly went in to his household and placed an order for a meal to be served to the guests, then he came back with a fatted roasted calf
51:27  He set it before them and cordially said: "Would you not like to eat!" but when they did not
51:28  back he recoiled apprehensive and pervaded with fear, but they consoled him and in good will they said: "Do not be afraid " and they authoritatively made to him the intimation of the coming of a well informed and wise son who would have a sound judgment and the ability to perceive and adopt the best means for accomplishing an end
51:29  His wife overheard the statement and, in astonishment and wonder caused by the unexpected, she came up with an outcry. She smote her face and said: "what impossible matter will you guests make easy next?" "An old woman who lived barren all her life!"
51:30  They said: "Thus says Allah, your Creator," "He it is, Who is indeed, AL- Hakim (the Wise), AL-Alim (the Omniscient)"
51:31  And now, said Ibrahim to his guests, "what is the purpose of your visit, O you itinerant messengers?"
51:32  They said: " we have been sent to a sinful people who willfully violated all religious and moral principles"
51:33  "To drive, with impetuous violence against them stones of clay inflammable- ore; (probably brimstone)
51:34  Set apart and intended for the extravagant in their accounts of themselves who rove beyond just limits and beyond prescribed observances, and exceed what is proper and reasonable"
51:35  We had predetermined to deliver those inhabitants whose hearts were impressed with religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety, but the only inhabitant who qualified was Lut himself
51:36  And We did not find more than one single house whose household had accepted the Faith, and that was Lut's household excluding his wife
51:37  We made the event cast its shadows which We left as a sign serving to convey an intimation and to demonstrate divine power and omnipotence to those who fear greatly the eternally tormenting punitive punishment
51:38  Another sign that bespeaks Allah's Omnipotence and Authority is that of Mussa (Moses) whom We sent to Pharaoh and there did Mussa stand manifest of great authority
51:39  But Pharaoh, operating against Mussa by means of a corner, vented what he imagined Mussa to be: "A magician, or one who suffers from demoniacal possession"
51:40  And so We took a sudden possession of him and his troops, seized them into Our hands and We drove them, like a drove of sheep, into the sea; and this was imputed to him on account of his own evil
51:41  And in the case of 'Ad - the 'Adites - We drove against them a cold terrifying and destructive hurricane, merciless, pitiless and unrelenting
51:42  Nothing did it touch but it reduced to ruin and decay
51:43  And in the case of Thamud -the Thamudites-, they were told: "You are granted respite, to experience with delight, for further consideration of the matter until the coming of a certain date"
51:44  But they insolently defied the command of Allah, and were consequently destroyed by an overwhelming thunderous convulsion of the earth's surface produced by a natural force within the earth's crust in broad daylight
51:45  And so they could not assume an erect attitude on their own feet nor were they able to protect or defend themselves
51:46  And similarly did We strike a blow at the people of Nuh before them; they were indeed a sinful people
51:47  And the heaven with its regions, spheres and realms of space did We skillfully, powerfully and authoritatively construct and We are expanding the universe
51:48  And the earth did We spread out* and invest and adorn as with blazonry, and how artistically was it prepared for life and blazoned
51:49  And of everything, spiritual, animate and inanimate, did We create pairs complementing each other: (night and day, positive and negative, love and aversion, rest and fatigue, mercy and punishment, sea and land, light and darkness, belief and disbelief, life and death, happiness and misery, heaven and Hell, male and female, …). (And when We come to the universe as a whole, there is He Who complements it and sustains it; He is One and He does not need anything to complement Him), that you people may hopefully ponder
51:50  "Therefore," says the Messenger, " you people have no end to serve but the truth; hasten then to Allah and resort to Him. He is the only guide to the path of safety and righteousness, and He sent me to be a spectacle and a warning to you all"
51:51  "And do not incorporate with Him another deity; look to yourselves; I am your spectacle who gives you a fair warning"
51:52  Bear with them O Muhammad; no Messenger that was sent to the people before them but they unjustly labeled him a sorceror or a demoniac
51:53  Is this the legacy of thought they legated one generation to another ! But they are indeed a people given to disobedience, and heaven has laid their transgression to their charge
51:54  Therefore, keep away from them O Muhammad; you stand exculpated on all charges, nor will you incur imputation of demerit on account of a fault you have not done; you have done your duty to the best
51:55  But keep reminding people of their duty to Allah, proclaiming His message, for making the message known shall benefit those whose hearts are impressed with the image of virtue and whose deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety
51:56  I have not created the Jinn and mankind but to recognize Me, serve Me and to worship Me with appropriate acts and rites
51:57  No livelihood or maintenance do I require from them nor do I expect them to feed Me
51:58  For, indeed, Allah is He Who is the sole sustainer Who keeps the whole and all in all in existence and causes them to continue in a certain state; the Omnipotent Who does not grow weary and He is the Sole authority to Whom belongs the controlling power over the universe
51:59  Therefore, those who exercised injustice and worked iniquities and were wrongful of actions, must expect the fatal consequence uniting them with the fellows of their crime, and so they had better not challenge it be hastened on
51:60  In consequence, denunciated shall be those who denied Allah and rejected His ordinances, and how woeful shall be the day which they have been promised