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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

Qaf (The Letter Qaf)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah The Letter Qaf(Qaf)
50:1 Qaf, and by what it represents and what it stands for as a natural symbol of adoration, and by the distinguished Quran featuring the glory of Allah Who is the final cause of creation and the highest aim of intelligent creatures.
50:2 There is no reason to marvel at the recognition of a man who came to you people from your midst as a spectacle and a warning to you all and you refuse to accept him in his capacity and the infidels say: " It is indeed strange".
50:3 "How can We be raised after death when we have been reduced to dust?" "This idea of Resurrection, studiously sought out, is indeed far fetched."
50:4 But We Have already and thus early known to what extent has the earth consumed of the corpses of their dead, (or it may be; what the earth shall regularly consume of them by death) We keep a book where everything is related in writing and set down in a permanent form.
50:5 Yet the infidels denied the truth when it was presented to them and treated the Messenger as one who passes himself as someone other than he is, as if they were involved in doubt and anxiety about a matter on account of its intricate character.
50:6 Did they not direct their intellectual eye at the heaven above them with its regions, spheres, realms of space and celestial bodies, and ponder how skillfully, powerfully and authoritatively did We construct and furnish with ornaments and with qualities that give distinction and render impossible any flaws?
50:7 And the earth* how We spread and stretch out and furnished with mountains placed in a certain setting, fixed as with an anchor, and therein did We produce and cause to grow a set of every kind of variegated vegetation,
50:8 To impart insight of the mind and an admonition to be put in mind of every votary devoted to religious observances with breast filled with reverential awe,
50:9 And how We sent down from the floor of the vault of heaven showers of blessed rain and with its instrumentality did We vegetate orchards and grain to be reaped and gathered in!
50:10 And the tallish -palm- trees with pinnates of fan-shaped leaves and sprouting offshoots of variegated and delicious fruits!
50:11 And how with rain We produce victuals for the people and restore life to a dead land ! and so also shall be Resurrection!.
50:12 Long before them - the Meccans - did the people of Nuh (Noah) and those of the town of Rass and those of Thamud (the Thamudites), suspect their Messengers of falsehood.
50:13 And so did the people of 'Ad the -'Adites- and those of Pharaoh and the contemporaries of Lut (Lot).
50:14 And similarly did the forest dwellers and the people of the King of Yemen, all of whom suspected their Messengers, of falsehood, and there, was fulfilled the prophecy of the punitive event to the wicked.
50:15 Did We grow weary and worn out with fatigue with the first creation that you people suspect the validity of a new creation?
50:16 It was We Who created man and brought him into being and We know, what his innermost being suggests secretly to his mind and what his breast forges, and We -Our angels- are closer to him than his own neck vein.
50:17 Two angels sit as receivers by his sides, right and left, to take delivery of all that he advances of actions with reference to rendering an account of his life and conduct to Allah.
50:18 Nothing he utters and expresses in words, be it under his breath or openly disclosed but is related in writing by the two angels who keep a watchful guard.
50:19 Then, there comes the occasion when he sinks into a stupor indicating the near approach of the encounter with death; "This is," he is told, "what you tried hard to evade."
50:20 Then, comes the moment when the trumpet is sounded; this is the Day against which a cautious notice has been given
50:21 And now comes every soul driven to its destiny by one of the watchful angels, accompanied by a witness to give evidence in relation to matters of fact (be it the other watchful angel or the deeds done)
50:22 He will be told: "you did not perceive nor did you heed this Day; and so, now that We have unveiled your mind's eyes , you shall apprehend with acute perception and see through a brick wall.
50:23 Then shall the spokesman of the two watchful guards who accompanied him in life say: "Here I present his true account ready prepared and put in order."
50:24 Then, the two watchful guards are told: "Cast into Hell every one who denied Allah, who had been headstrong, self-willed and pertinacious in adhering to his own wrong and did not yield readily to admonition,
50:25 Who was an opponent of a good deed and a hinderer of benevolence, symbolic of transgressive infirmity and disposed to suspicion,
50:26 Who incorporated with Allah another deity and so put him to the torment laid upon the damned.
50:27 His satanic friend or companion will say: "My Creator, I never incited him to evil; he was already and thus early an opinionated man who had erred and strayed from your ways like lost sheep".
50:28 Then will Allah say: "Do not altercate with each other in My presence; I had already and thus early sent you a spectacle and a warning and Books and narratives by which moral and spiritual relations are typically set forth."
50:29 "No statement that has been affirmed will be altered at this stage, in the presence, in defense or vindication of one's conduct nor am I unjust to My servants."
50:30 The day shall come when We ask Hell "Are you now to the full?" and it will say: "Are there no more?"
50:31 And Paradise will be brought near to those who keep Allah in mind and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, and it will be in their sight.
50:32 This is the bliss promised to:
50:33 c) Who is influenced by profound respect and reverence and stands in awe of Allah Whom he cannot apprehend by sight and departs this life with a clean heart that has been impressed with wisdom and piety.
50:34 Such persons will be welcomed into the beatitude of heaven: " Enter you people into My mercy, Allah says, and take up your abode in My Paradise with peace of mind, of soul and of conscience; peace be on you; this is the Day of timelessness and Eternity.
50:35 Therein, they will have whatever object of desire from which pleasure or satisfaction is expected, and any wish they express in words or is suggested to the mind will be instantly fulfilled, and of everything We have available and at will, and much more.
50:36 How many generations before them -the Meccans-, mightier than them in power, did We destine to destruction, and how soon did their mightiness meet misery! They wandered about not knowing where, in quest of a means of escaping death, but is there any!
50:37 Indeed, there is what is commendable in this narrative and worthy of acceptance and regard for him whose heart has been touched with the Divine hand and has opened his heart's ears and his mind's eyes and has witnessed the ground for belief tending to prove the conclusion.
50:38 We created the heavens and the earth in six days* determined by Allah's own unit of time and proclaimed in His calendar and never were We worn, out with fatigue.
50:39 Therefore in patience O Muhammad possess you your soul; praise the glory of your Creator and extoll His glorious attributes before sunrise and before sunset,
50:40 And at some part of the night and after the concluding part of prostrating yourself in the act of worship and the formal ending of prayer,
50:41 And you shall listen on the Day when the announcer proclaims Resurrection and makes it manifest to the senses from a near distance to all: the Moment of Judgement.
50:42 This is the Day when all shall hear the exploding annunciation of the matter of fact so announced; this is the Day of Resurrection.
50:43 It is We who give life and inspirit the property of animate existence, and occasion death and deprive of animate existence, and to Us shall all return.
50:44 This is the Day the earth over the dead shall crack and everyone will be embodied by his soul, and they will then emerge from the graves rushing to their Fate and nothing is easier than to throng the resurrected to Judgment.
50:45 We know best what they -the infidels- say, and you O Muhammad never forced them to follow you or your admonition nor did you erect among them tyrannies. Therefore, keep reminding people of their duty to Allah, their Creator, and proclaim the Quran to those who regard Allah's warning with reverence and awe, tinged with latent fear.


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