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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 I swear by the Mount, the chosen ground for the disclosure of knowledge to man from the realm of heaven,
52:2 And by the Sacred Book inscribed by the scribes of Allah who put into words all that He pronounces to them and accords with deep respect, reverence and veneration,
52:3 Standing as a specific feature upon scrolls when pen was put to paper to become disclosed to view and proclaimed authoritatively
52:4 And by the Ka' ba like " Holy of Holies " in heavens realm which is continually visited by succession of angels to engage in the act of worship, (or the Sacrosanct House that is frequently populated).
52:5 And by the vault of the floor of heaven sitting aloft and featuring imposing elevation,
52:6 And by the sea which is filled with life and motion and swallows water to its fill.
52:7 That your Creator's punitive punishment, stored for those who deny Him, shall come to pass,
52:8 And there is just not any expedient nor anyone in the heaven's realm or on earth that can avert it.
52:9 A day shall come when the heaven sways from side to side in dreadful, commotion;
52:10 And the mountains grow tremulous, in response to the command of their Maker, and they go stump and shiver into atoms blown up by the wind.
52:11 There and then, denunciated shall be those who denied Allah and rejected the truth and suspected their Messenger of falsehood,
52:12 Who amused themselves in idle talk and were given to indulging in personal vanity and drowned themselves in the nonsensical.
52:13 This will be the day when they shall be forced into the fire of Hell wherein they are pushed head-long.
52:14 And they will be told " This is the permanent abode where you are set ablaze and tortured by burning; this is the Hell you had always denied.
52:15 Now, do you see it a reality! or is it also an illusive appearance and a secret and overmastering influence resembling magic in its effect? or is it that you have lost sight?
52:16 Now, you are put to torture by the fire which avenges wrong and punishes crime. And whether you bear it patiently or impatiently, you bear enough wrongs that it serves you right.
52:17 Whereas those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah shall take abode in gardens of bliss and surpassing beauty in the beatitude of heaven and enter into the grace of Allah, their Creator.
52:18 Rejoicing beyond a common joy at the answer to their prayer, exhilarating with what Allah has conferred on them, and jubilant that He has saved them from torture in the pit of Hell;
52:19 And they will be told: " Eat and drink and enjoy all that affords pleasure in return for the deeds you had done with wisdom and piety.
52:20 Reclining on throne - like lounges ranked in rows which each is destined to ascend, and Allah will wed them to beauties whose eyes radiate splendour that no one could have conceived in life.
52:21 And those whose hearts reflected the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds - wisdom and piety, and their progeny walked after them accepting their authority and example in faith, even thus their deeds be of a lesser calibre, will still be fitted for companionship together without being an expense to their fathers, and without making inroads on justice, for this is only Allah's grace. He confers it on whom He will, and every soul shall be pledged for its deeds.
52:22 We will provide them with delicious fruits and the meat of their choice and they will be fitted with whatever they desire.
52:23 They will be served with a drink which gives a rapturous feeling of bliss and beautitude, and never does it induce them to discourse matters of little value or insignificance, nor do they hear ill tongues or what is morally evil.
52:24 They will be Served by their handsome attendants whose figures in conjunction with stateliness, and their beauty in conjunction with dignity are eternal, as like as precious pearls, gracefully adorned as with blazonry affording keen pleasure to the sense of sight and charms the intellectual and moral faculties.
52:25 They will convey the thoughts reciprocally in talk, holding discourse of past events in life, relative to their affairs and actions, responses and reactions.
52:26 "In life 'they add' " as we lived among our own families, we always worried about such things concerning their fortune here and Hereafter, besides taking concern in the foreordained consequences which would naturally attend our undertakings here and Hereafter.
52:27 But how gracious has Allah been to us; He did not render us liable to the punitive punishment in the scorching flames of Hell.
52:28 We had always prayed and beseeched Him in life to create in us a clean heart impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and to imprint our deeds with wisdom and piety; He it is AL-Burro (the Beneficent) and AL-Rahim (the Merciful).
52:29 Therefore, keep O Muhammad reminding people of their duty to Allah, proclaiming His message. You are a spectacle and a warning to them all, and not as they contemptuously claim, a fortune - teller, nor are you demoniac.
52:30 Or do they insolently say: " He is a poet, he can fool the people some of the time; we will keep him in view to observe his actions until the encounter with death?"
52:31 Say to them: "You just remain in waiting in your condition and be ready for some expected event, and I Shall also remain in waiting for the same expected event.
52:32 Or is it the hope they found on a basis of a mental concept of what is not true, or on what they see in a dream or a vision steering their feeble minds to an unwarranted course of action, or is it on a basis of obstinacy and transgression?
52:33 Or do they say that this is what your breast has forged that your tongue must vent? Indeed, their hearts' ears are closed and this is the reason they counsel deaf to admonition.
52:34 Let them, then, produce an informative, discourse, inducing to duties and admonitory, in the similitude of the Quran, if they can truly bring forth their strong reasons.
52:35 Or have they been created by chance, or are they the creators or supreme beings who created all things?
52:36 Or was it they who created the heavens and the earth and caused them to exist? Indeed they have a strong disposition to deny their Maker.
52:37 Or are they in possession of your Creator's treasuries that they take them for their own, or is it they who take them into their control besides control of the universe, its beginning and its end?
52:38 Or do they have a ladder for ascent to the heaven's realm to gather information upon the listen. If so, then let their attentive hearer furnish the action of evidence in convincing the mind.
52:39 Or is it that to Allah belong only the daughters whom they incorporate with Him, and to them belong only the sons?
52:40 Or do you ask of them a pay for the Divine message you deliver to them, that they have been burdened with a heavy debt?
52:41 Or do they realize the unseen or have knowledge of the invisible not apprehended by sight, and they commit it to writing?
52:42 Or do they only mean your annoyance and affliction with mental agitation, anxiety and trouble? But those who deny Allah shall suffer the annoyance and the grievous affliction of their minds.
52:43 Or do they regard with reverence another deity other than Allah who has power over nature and the fortunes of mankind? Glory to Allah in the highest; He is the final cause of creation and the highest moral aim of intelligent creaturs, and far exalted is He above all those they incorporate with Him.
52:44 And if it so happens that they see a mass (sometimes devastating) falling from the sky, they would label it as a cumulus nimbus.
52:45 Therefore, leave them until they are faced, on some future date, with their settling day, when they are suddenly visited with an overwhelming punishment striking them at the root,
52:46 A day on which none of their plans and plots, secretly or openly contrived, purposed to accomplish their wicked purpose, shall avail them or afford them help.
52:47 And besides that there shall be a punitive and retributive punishment that hits in life those wrongful of actions, performed and executed unjustly and harmfully, but most of them are so ignorant as not to know this fact.
52:48 In patience possess you your soul, therefore, bear with them O Muhammad and forebear their provocation until your Creator's command comes to pass. We hold you in great esteem and regard, and We keep an eye on you; you just praise His glory and extoll His glorious Names when you get up upon your feet, and when you get up from sleep,
52:49 And praise His glory and extoll His glorious attributes some part of the night, and when the stars make an apparent descent, or become invisible, at the incipient gleam of dawn.


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