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35:1  Praise be to Allah, the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth, Creator of the messenger angels with two, three and four pairs of wings. He adds to the creation whatever He pleases. Allah has power over everything.
35:2  How He treats people kindly is up to Him, no one can withhold it; and what He withholds, no one can take it after His decision. He is the Almighty, the Wise.
35:3  People, remember the gifts Allah gave you. Is there any other creator beside Allah who provides for you from the Earth and the sky? There is no god but Him. How then can you turn away from the truth
35:4  If they deny you, so what? Messengers before you were denied too. In the end all matters will be returned to Allah.
35:5  People, Allah’s promise is true, so don’t let this worldly life deceive you, and don’t let Satan, the arch-deceiver, draw you away from Allah.
35:6  Satan is your enemy, so treat him as such. He invites his followers to become companions of the fiery Blaze.
35:7  Those who disbelieved will suffer severe punishment, but those who believe and do righteous deeds will be forgiven and granted great reward.
35:8  Evil deeds look attractive to some people, so they like them. Allah allows some people to go astray, and He guides others as He pleases; so don’t be overcome by pity and regret over them. Allah knows what they do
35:9  Allah sends winds that move the clouds, which We drive towards dead regions, and We revive dead land with rain. The Resurrection will be like that.
35:10  Anyone seeking power should know, all power belongs to Allah, an eloquently pure speech rises up to Him, and He elevates all good deeds. However, those who plot evil, theirs will be a severe punishment. Their plot will fail.
35:11  Allah created you from dust, then from a drop of semen, then He made you into pairs, male and female. No female becomes pregnant or gives birth without His knowledge, no one grows old, or has their life cut short but is written in a celestial Book. All that is easy for Allah
35:12  Take two bodies of water, they are not the same: one fresh, sweet and pleasant to drink, the other is salty and bitter; from these waters, you eat the tender flesh of fish, and extract pearls to wear. Similarly, you see ships ploughing through the sea to seek a share of His bounty, and maybe you will appreciate Allah.
35:13  He merges night into day and day into night and has caused both the sun and the moon to travel through the sky for a fixed period. That’s Allah, your Lord, all power belongs to Him; those you call beside Him don’t possess even the tiniest amount.
35:14  If you call them they don’t hear your call, and even if they were to hear they can’t answer you; and on Judgement Day, your idols will reject your association of partners with Allah. So, messenger, no one can enlighten you with truth like the All-Aware
35:15  People, you need Allah, and Allah is Self-Sufficient, Praiseworthy.
35:16  If He wanted He could get rid of you and bring about a new creation;
35:17  that wouldn’t be too difficult for Allah.
35:18  No one will bear another’s burden. If a person with a heavy load were to cry out for help, no one – not even a close relative – would accept it. Those you can warn are fearful of their Lord without seeing Him, and they perform the prayer regularly. Anyone who purifies himself, does for his own good; and to Allah is the final return
35:19  The blind and the sighted are not the same,
35:20  nor darkness and light,
35:21  nor cool shade and sweltering heat.
35:22  The living and the dead are not the same either. Allah lets him hear, who wants to hear; messenger, the one who is in the grave, you cannot make him hear.
35:23  You are a warner.
35:24  We sent you as a messenger of good news and a warner. No community was without its warner.
35:25  If they think you are a liar, so what? Those before them treated their messengers as liars when they came to them with clear signs, with writings and the light giving Book.
35:26  After that, I seized the disbelievers. So, imagine My terrible displeasure
35:27  Haven’t you considered, how Allah sends rain from the sky, that produces fruits of different colours; look at the mountains with streaks of white and red rock of various shades, some pitch black?
35:28  In the same way, colour differences exist among people and wild and domesticated animals. Among His servants only the knowledgeable fear Allah. Allah is Almighty, Forgiving.
35:29  Those who recite Allah’s Book, perform the prayer and spend publicly and privately from what We provided them, they long for a business that will never be in loss,
35:30  so He will fully reward them for their deeds, and bless them extra from His bounty. He is Forgiving, Appreciative of their efforts
35:31  What We revealed to you from the Book is the truth, it confirms what came before it. Allah is Aware and sees His servants’ actions.
35:32  We chose some servants to inherit the Book: some wronged themselves by ignoring its teachings, others have good intentions, and yet others are ahead in doing good deeds by Allah’s permission; that’s the great favour.
35:33  These believers will enter Gardens of Eden, where they will be decorated with bracelets of gold and pearls, and silky clothes.
35:34  They will say, “Praise be to Allah, Who has relieved us of distress. Our Lord is Forgiving, Appreciative,
35:35  Who by His grace has settled us in the everlasting home, here there’s no hard work or weariness.
35:36  The disbelievers will be in the Fire of Hell, they won’t die and the punishment will not be reduced for them. That is how We reward every ungrateful person.
35:37  There they will cry loud, “Our Lord, let us out to do good works, not like what we used to do.” Allah will say, “Did We not give you long enough to live? Whoever wished to reflect had enough time to do so. And the warner came to you. So, taste the Fire of Hell. There is no helper for the wrongdoers.
35:38  Allah Knows the unseen in the Heavens and the Earth, He knows people’s innermost thoughts.
35:39  He made you successors of people on Earth. Anyone who disbelieves must bear the consequences of his disbelief; the disbelief of disbelievers increases the dislike of their Lord; the disbelief of disbelievers only increases loss.
35:40  Say: “Have you really thought about the false partners you call beside Allah? Show me what they have created on Earth. Do they have a share of the Heavens, or have We given them a book on whose guidance they rely?” On the contrary, the wrongdoers promise nothing but false hopes to each other.
35:41  Allah keeps the Heavens and Earth from disappearing, were they to disappear, could anyone else preserve them? He is Gentle, Forgiving.
35:42  They swore solemn oaths by Allah that if a warner came to them, they would be the most rightly guided people. When a warner came to them, it increased their hatred of the truth,
35:43  behaving arrogantly in the land and plotting evil – and evil plots only ever rebound on those who devise them. So, what else can they expect but what happened in practice to the people of the past? And you will never see change in Allah’s good practice, nor will you see a modification in Allah’s good practice.
35:44  Haven’t they travelled the Earth and seen how those before them met their end, though they were far greater than them in strength? Nothing in the Heavens or the Earth can weaken Allah. He is Knowing, Powerful.
35:45  Were Allah to take people to task for what wrong they did, then He wouldn’t leave a single creature on the face of the Earth, but He grants a delay for a fixed period for reflection; when their time comes, that’ s it, Allah observes His servants