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36:1  Ya’ Seen
36:2  By the Quran, full of wisdom.
36:3  You are a Messenger,
36:4  on the straight path.
36:5  This is a Revelation from the Almighty, the Caring,
36:6  to warn a community whose ancestors were not warned, so they’re unaware
36:7  The sentence against most of them is justified, because they don’t believe.
36:8  As though We’ve placed iron collars around their necks, right up to their chins, so their heads can’t move;
36:9  and We’ve placed a wall in front and behind them and hooded them so that they can’t see.
36:10  It makes no difference whether you warn them or not, they won’t believe.
36:11  You can only warn someone who follows the Reminder and fears the Most Kind, the Unseen. So, make him happy with the news of forgiveness and a generous reward.
36:12  We will resurrect the dead and record all they achieved and the legacies they left behind; and We recorded everything in a Clear Book
36:13  As an example, tell them about the people of the town, where the messengers came.
36:14  We sent two at first, they rejected them; so We strengthened them with a third; and they said, “We are messengers sent to you.”
36:15  They said, “You’re mortals like us. The Most Kind hasn’t sent anything, you are lying.”
36:16  They said, “Our Lord knows we are messengers sent to you,
36:17  and our duty is to communicate the Message clearly.”
36:18  They said, “you are an evil omen for us. If you don’t stop, we’ll torture you, and punish you severely.”
36:19  The messengers replied, “The evil omen is with you. Are you annoyed because you’ve been reminded? You’ve gone beyond the limits.
36:20  A man came running from the far side of the town, and said, “My people, follow the messengers.
36:21  Follow those who don’t ask you for any payment, and they are guided.
36:22  Why shouldn’t I worship the One Who created me and to Whom you will be returned?
36:23  Should I take beside Him gods whose intercession would not benefit me in the slightest if the Most Kind wanted to harm me? Nor would they be able to save me.
36:24  Obviously I would be misguided.
36:25  I chose to believe in Your Lord, so please listen to me.
36:26  “Enter the Garden of Paradise,” he was told. “If only my people knew,” he said,
36:27  “the extent to which My Lord has forgiven me and placed me among the honourable.”
36:28  Thereafter, We didn’t send an army against his people from the sky, We don’t do that.
36:29  Just one Blast, that’s all, and there they were, lying dead.
36:30  What a shame, whenever a messenger came to a community, they mocked him.
36:31  Haven’t they seen how many generations We destroyed before them, none will come back to them.
36:32  Yet they will all be presented before Us
36:33  A proof of the Resurrection for them is the dead Earth. How We give it life and make it produce cereals, which they eat
36:34  and here and there We have grown palm groves and vineyards and caused freshwater springs to flow,
36:35  so they might eat its fruit even though they had no hand in making it. Won’t they be grateful?
36:36  Glory be to Him who created every variety of living things in pairs from the Earth: humans themselves, and others which they still don’t know
36:37  Another sign for them is the night, from which We gradually peel the daylight away, and there they are in pitch darkness;
36:38  the sun travels in its orbit that is precisely determined by the Almighty, the Knower.
36:39  Similarly the moon, We determined its phases from full moon to crescent that is slim as a dry date-stalk.
36:40  The sun can’t overtake the moon, nor the night outpace the day; all are floating in their fixed orbits.
36:41  Another sign for them is the story of their forefathers who We carried in the heavily-laden ship,
36:42  and We created for them similar modes of transport which they ride.
36:43  If We wanted We could drown them, and they will have no help, nor will they be saved,
36:44  unless – that is – We show kindness and give brief respite
36:45  When they are told: “Be careful about your past and future deeds to deserve kind treatment.”
36:46  They turn away from every sign of their Lord that comes to them.
36:47  When they are told: “Spend what Allah has provided you,” the disbelievers say to the believers, “Why should we feed someone who Allah could have fed, if He wanted? You are clearly misguided.”
36:48  And they say, “When will this promise be fulfilled, if you are telling the truth?”
36:49  What they are waiting for is a Blast that will seize them while they argue among themselves.
36:50  Then they won’t be able to make a will or return to their families
36:51  The Trumpet will be blown, and they will emerge from their graves, rushing to their Lord,
36:52  saying: “Woe to us! Who woke us up from our graves?” They will be told “This is what the Most Kind promised, and the messengers kept reminding you about.”
36:53  It will be a single Blast, and quickly they will be made to stand before Us.
36:54  On this day, no one will be wronged in the least; and you will only be repaid for what you did
36:55  Today the companions of Paradise will be enjoying themselves;
36:56  sitting beside their spouses on comfortable sofas relaxing in the shade,
36:57  surrounded with fruit they like
36:58  and the greeting: “Peace!” Spoken by the Caring Lord.
36:59  The evildoers” will be told: “Step aside today.
36:60  Didn’t I command you, children of Adam, not to obey Satan, he is your open enemy,
36:61  and worship Me? This is the straight path,
36:62  but Satan led masses of you astray. Didn’t you think?
36:63  This is Hell about which you were warned,
36:64  burn in it today, because of your disbelief.
36:65  Today We shall seal their mouths; their hands will speak, and their feet will bear witness to what they did.
36:66  If We wanted, We could have taken away their eyesight so how could they see it, as they struggled along the path?
36:67  If We wanted, We could have paralysed them, so they wouldn’t move to and fro.
36:68  Anyone We allow to age, We reduce them in size bit by bit. Will you not reflect?
36:69  We didn’t teach the Messenger poetry, it isn’t appropriate for him. This Quran is a reminder and a clear recitation.
36:70  So he can warn anyone who is alive, and to confirm the sentence against the disbelievers
36:71  Haven’t they considered how We created their livestock, made by Our hands;
36:72  and how We tamed animals to give in to them, so they ride some and eat some of them?
36:73  And they derive other benefits from them, like milk to drink. Won’t they be grateful?
36:74  Yet they take other gods beside Allah, hoping to be helped by them.
36:75  But they are incapable of helping them, even if they were standing to attention for them, like an army.
36:76  So don’t let what they say sadden you. We know what they do secretly and openly
36:77  Haven’t humans considered how We created them from a drop of fluid, so they openly argue against Us?
36:78  They make up comparisons about Us whilst forgetting their own creation, saying, “Who will give life to these bones when they have turned into dust?”
36:79  Say: “The one Who produced them originally will bring them back to life – and He has full knowledge of every creature –
36:80  and Who, for your benefit, placed the energy of fire in green trees, from which you get fuel?
36:81  Isn’t the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth capable of recreating the like of these quarrelsome humans? Of course, He is the Creator, the Knower
36:82  When He wills something, His command is: “Be!” And it is!
36:83  Glory to Him Who controls everything, to Him you shall be returned