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70:1  A questioner questioned with an occurring torment.
70:2  For the infidels; ; of it there is no defender.
70:3  From Allah, the possessor of Al--Maaraj (The serpentine ways of ascent to sky).
70:4  The angels and the Spirit serpentine to Him in a Day, its measure is fifty thousand lunar years.
70:5  So be patient, beautiful patience.
70:6  They see it as far off.
70:7  And We see it nearby.
70:8  On a Day when the sky will be like molten brass.
70:9  And the mountains will be like tufted wool.
70:10  And no intimate friend will ask his intimate friend.
70:11  They will be seen by them (each other). The criminal wishes if he is ransomed from the torment of that Day by his children.
70:12  And his girlfriend, and his brother.
70:13  And his nearest kindred, that sheltered him.
70:14  And whoever on the earth altogether, then, to save him.
70:15  Nay, verily it is a flaming Fire.
70:16  Wrest for the grilling.
70:17  It called whoever backslider and turned away.
70:18  And collected, so he hoarded.
70:19  Surely the human was created, panicked.
70:20  If the evil touched him, impatient
70:21  And if the goodness touched him, withholding.
70:22  Except those who pray.
70:23  Those who are on their prayers, continuing.
70:24  And those in whose money is a well-known right.
70:25  For the beggar and the deprived.
70:26  And those who are believing in The Religion Day (Dept).
70:27  And those who are apprehensive from their Lord’s torment.
70:28  Surely, their Lord’s torment is unsecured.
70:29  And those who are for their genitalia conservers.
70:30  Except upon their spouses or what their right hands possess, so they are not blamed.
70:31  So, whoever sought beyond that, so these are the transgressors.
70:32  And those who are for their entrusts and promises, caretakers.
70:33  And those who are standing with their witnesses.
70:34  And those who are keeping upon their prayers.
70:35  These are honored in Paradises.
70:36  So what is with those who disbelieved before you, racing ahead.
70:37  About the right, and about the left, attributed?
70:38  Is every person among them coveting to enter Bliss Paradise?
70:39  Nay, surely, We created them from what they know.
70:40  So, no, I swear by the Easts’ Lord and the Wests, surely, We are able.
70:41  On that replace them with better than them, and We will not be outstripped.
70:42  So forsake them discourse and play, until they meet their Day which they are promised.
70:43  On a Day when they will exit from the burial sites hastening, as though they were hurrying towards a target.
70:44  Their eyes humbled, the lowness of that day overstained them, they were promised that.