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69:1  Al-Haqah (The Inevitable Reality).
69:2  What is Al-Haqah (The Inevitable Reality).?
69:3  And what cognize you? What is Al-Haqah (The Inevitable Reality)?
69:4  Thamud and Aad falsified by The Striking Calamity (Al-Qare’aa).
69:5  So as for Thamud, they were destroyed by The Tyrannous Scream (Al-Tagheya).
69:6  And as for Aad; they were destroyed by a squeaking, violenting wind.
69:7  He subserviated it upon them for seven nights and eight days, decisiveness. So, you see the kinfolk thrown down, as though they were stumps of hollow palm-trees.
69:8  So do you see a remnant of them?
69:9  And Pharaoh came, and who before him, and the Overturned Cities, with The Guiltiness.
69:10  So they disobeyed their Lord’s messenger, so He took them with an immense take.
69:11  Surely when the waters overflowed, We carried you in the running ship.
69:12  To set it for you a reminder, and aware of it, a conscious ear.
69:13  So, when the Trumpet is blown by a single blow.
69:14  And the earth and the mountains are carried up, so they were grinded, with a single grinding.
69:15  So on that day, The Occurrence Calamity occurred.
69:16  And the sky was splitting; so, on that Day it will be friable.
69:17  And the angels will be on its edges and will carry the Throne of your Lord above them on that Day, Eight (Angels).
69:18  On that Day you will be presented, do not hide among you any hidden.
69:19  So, who is given his book in his right hand, so he will say, “Here, read my Book.
69:20  Surely, I assumed that I would meet my reckoning.”
69:21  So he is in, a satisfied living.
69:22  In a high paradise.
69:23  Its fruit clusters are hanging low.
69:24  “Eat and drink with a wholesome appetite with what you advanced before in the past days.”
69:25  And as for whoever is given his book in his left hand, So he will say, “Oh, I wish I was never given my book.
69:26  And I never cognize what my reckoning is.
69:27  Oh, I wish it was the deadly end.
69:28  It did not avail me, my money.
69:29  My Sultan was destroyed, about me.”
69:30  “Take him, so shackle him.
69:31  Then flame him in the Hellfire.
69:32  Then in a chain which is seventy cubits length, so insert him.
69:33  Surely, he was not believing in Allah Al-Azim (The Great).
69:34  Nor did he encourage, upon the needy person’s food.
69:35  So there is none for him here Today, an intimate friend.
69:36  Nor food except from wounds washes.
69:37  None eat it except the guilty ones.”
69:38  So, no, I swear by what you see.
69:39  And by what you do not see.
69:40  Surely it is a noble messenger saying.
69:41  And it is not a saying of a poet, little is what you are believing.
69:42  Nor is it a soothsayer’ saying, little is what you are remembering.
69:43  Download revelation, from The Worlds' Lord.
69:44  And if he incorrectly said some sayings against Us.
69:45  We would take, from him with the right hand.
69:46  Then We would cut off the aorta from him.
69:47  So there is from you no one, who bars Us from him.
69:48  And surely, it is a reminder for the pious.
69:49  And surely, We know that from you are falsifiers.
69:50  And surely it is a regret against the infidels.
69:51  And surely it is the certainty right.
69:52  So glorify with your Lord name, Al-Azim (The Great).