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70:1  A petitioner asks about a penalty to befall…
70:2  …the unbelievers. [It is a penalty] which no one can avert.
70:3  [It is a penalty] from Allah, the Owner of the Staircase.
70:4  The angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a [cosmic] day, the measure of which is fifty thousand [Earth] years.
70:5  So be patient with a content patience.
70:6  (People) see (the last day) as far away,…
70:7  …but We see it as near.
70:8  That day the sky will look like molten metal.
70:9  The mountains will become like [fluffs of] wool.
70:10  [Out of dread] no friend will ask about another friend.
70:11  [That is] even if they are put in sight of one another. The [unforgiven] sinner will wish that he/she could redeem him-/herself from the penalty of that day with his/her children.
70:12  [He/she will wish for redemption by using] his/her spouse, his/her sibling,…
70:13  …his/her relatives who sheltered him/her,…
70:14  …and all else on the earth that might deliver him/her.
70:15  But no! There is only fire…
70:16  …plucking to the skull.
70:17  [The fire will be] inviting those who turned their backs and rejected [the truth]…
70:18  …and who amassed and hoarded.
70:19  Humanity tends to be impatient.
70:20  [He/she is] fretful when adversity befalls him/her.
70:21  [He/she is] stingy when fortune reaches him/her.
70:22  Those who worship are different.
70:23  They remain devoted in their prayer.
70:24  They recognize a right to their money…
70:25  …by anyone who asks [for charity] and any who are deprived.
70:26  They cling to the truth of the Day of Judgment.
70:27  They fear the punishment of their Lord.
70:28  Certainly your Lord’s displeasure is the opposite of calm.
70:29  They guard their modesty.
70:30  The exception is with their spouses and their wards. With them, they have no blame.
70:31  Those who go beyond this are sinners.
70:32  (The believers) honor their contracts and promises.
70:33  They are firm in their testimonies.
70:34  They are attentive in worship.
70:35  These will be honored in gardens.
70:36  [Sarcastically:] What is wrong with the unbelievers that they are making a mad dash before you?
70:37  [What is wrong that they come] in crowds, from the right and left?
70:38  Does everyone long to enter the garden of bliss?
70:39  No! Indeed, We have created them from what they know.
70:40  Now I do call to witness the Lord of All Risings and Settings that We can certainly…
70:41  …substitute for them better than they. We are not to be defeated.
70:42  Leave them to plunge into frivolous talk and silly frolic until they encounter their day promised to them.
70:43  On that day, they will proceed from their graves in sudden haste, as if they were rushing to a goalpost.
70:44  Their eyes will be downcast, and shame will cover them. Such is the day that they are promised!