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69:1  The Ultimate Truth!
69:2  What is the Ultimate Truth?
69:3  What will cause you to realize what the Ultimate Truth is?
69:4  The Thamud and the Ad people did not believe something awful would happen.
69:5  The Thamud were destroyed by a terrifying storm.
69:6  The Ad were destroyed by a furious, violent wind.
69:7  He made it rage against them seven nights and eight days continuously. People could be seen fallen. They were like hollow, palm logs.
69:8  Do you see any survivors?
69:9  Pharaoh and those preceding him and the overthrown cities were with sin.
69:10  They disobeyed the messenger of their Lord, so He punished them with ample punishment.
69:11  When the water level rose [in the flood of Noah], We carried (humanity) in what floated [which was the ark].
69:12  [We did this] so We might make it a reminder for you so that attentive ears would be aware.
69:13  When one blast peals from the trumpet!
69:14  [When] the earth and mountains are lifted and then crushed to powder in one event!
69:15  That day the episode will come to pass.
69:16  The sky will rip apart, for on that day, it will be dilapidated.
69:17  The angels will be on its sides. On that day, eight will bear the throne of your Lord above them.
69:18  On that day, you will be exposed. Not one of your secrets will remain hidden.
69:19  The one who receives his/her record in his/her right hand will say, “Now read my record.
69:20  “I really did understand that I would be held accountable.”
69:21  He/she will be in a life of bliss…
69:22  …in a garden on high,…
69:23  …where fruits hang near.
69:24  Eat and drink to your satisfaction because of what you put forward in the days gone by.
69:25  The one who receives his/her record in his/her left hand will say, “Oh, I wish that my record had not been given to me.
69:26  “[I wish that] I had never realized my account.
69:27  “Oh, I wish that (death) had been the end.
69:28  “My money has done me no good.
69:29  “My power has left me.”
69:30  [The command:] “Seize him/her! Bind him/her!
69:31  “Cast him/her into the blazing fire.
69:32  “[Cast him/her] into a chain seventy cubits long.
69:33  “This is one who would not believe in Allah the Magnificent.
69:34  “[He/she] would not encourage the feeding of the poor.
69:35  “He/she has no friend here this day.
69:36  “[He/she] has no food except the pus from infected wounds.
69:37  “No one will eat that except those lost in sin.”
69:38  So! I call to witness what you see.
69:39  [I call to witness] what you do not see.
69:40  This is truly the word of a noble messenger!
69:41  It is not the word of a poet. You have little faith!
69:42  It is not the word of a sorcerer. You accept little advice!
69:43  [This is] a message from the Lord of the Worlds!
69:44  If (the messenger) were to invent any sayings in Our name,…
69:45  …We would grab him by his right hand!
69:46  We would block the artery to his heart!
69:47  None of you could save him!
69:48  Truly, this is a message for those who fear Allah.
69:49  Indeed, We certainly know that there are many among you who reject it.
69:50  Truly, it is a cause of grief for the unbelievers.
69:51  Truly, it is truth of assurance.
69:52  Glorify the name of your Lord the Magnificent.