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70:1  An inquirer asked about an impending punishment
70:2  to the unbelievers that cannot be prevented
70:3  from God, the Lord of the Gates of Ascent.
70:4  Unto Him the angels and the Spirit will ascend in a Day whose length is fifty thousand years.
70:5  So be patient with gracious patience.
70:6  They [the unbelievers] see it as something distant,
70:7  but We see it near.
70:8  On the Day the sky will be like molten brass,
70:9  and the mountains will be like tufted wool.
70:10  No good friend will ask about his friend,
70:11  even though they can see each other. The one who forced others to reject Our messages will wish he could ransom himself from the punishment of that Day, by sacrificing his children
70:12  and his wife and his brother
70:13  and his family who shelter him
70:14  and everyone on earth, if that could save him.
70:15  Not today! But a raging blaze
70:16  that strips away the skin
70:17  and claims everyone who turned his back to the truth and went away
70:18  and accumulated and hoarded [wealth)
70:19  The Human being was created full of anxiety:
70:20  desperate when bad things happen,
70:21  but tight-fisted when good fortune comes his way,
70:22  The exception are those who pray,
70:23  those who are steady in their prayer
70:24  and those who have set aside a known rightful share within their wealth
70:25  for the poor and the deprived
70:26  and those who believe in the Day of Judgment,
70:27  and those who dread their Lord's punishment.
70:28  They know not to take their Lord's punishment for granted.
70:29  Those who guard their chastity,
70:30  except from their spouses and from those whom their right hands hold in trust, are free of blame.
70:31  But whoever seeks beyond that, they are transgressors.
70:32  Those who honor their trusts and pledges
70:33  and those who stand by their testimonies
70:34  and those who maintain their prayer with dedication:
70:35  those will be honored in Gardens.
70:36  So what is [the matter] with the unbelievers? They run about in front of you in groups, with outstretched necks and staring eyes,
70:37  from the right, and from the left.
70:38  Does each one of them aspire to enter the Garden of Delight?
70:39  Never! We have created them from that which they well know.
70:40  So I swear by the Lord of all risings and settings that We are able
70:41  to replace them with better than they; and nothing can prevent Us from doing this.
70:42  So leave them to blunder and play around, until they meet their Day which they are promised,
70:43  The Day when they will emerge from the graves rushing as if rallying to a flag,
70:44  their eyes humbled, overwhelmed by humiliation. This is the Day which they were promised.