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70:1  A questioner asked about the punishment to fall.
70:2  For the infidels, there will be no defender for it.
70:3  (It will be) from Allah, Possessor of the ways of ascent.
70:4  The angels and the spirit ascend to Him, in a day (period), the measure of which is fifty thousand years.
70:5  So be patient with the patience that is good.
70:6  They certainly see it far,
70:7  while We see it near.
70:8  The day when the sky will become like molten brass
70:9  and the mountains will be like coloured wool
70:10  and (even) an intimate friend will not inquire from another intimate friend
70:11  (though) they will be made to see each other. The criminal would love to ransom himself from the punishment of that day by (sacrificing even) his sons,
70:12  and his wife and his brother
70:13  and his family which gave him shelter,
70:14  and whosoever is in the earth, all, (and) then save himself.
70:15  By no means ! it is certainly a flaming fire
70:16  taking off the skin.
70:17  It will invite him who turned back (from the truth) and went away
70:18  and amassed (wealth) then withheld (it).
70:19  Man is certainly hasty (by) character;
70:20  when evil afflicts him he is impatient
70:21  and when good (even) touches him (he) is niggardly
70:22  except the worshippers (those who offer salat)
70:23  who are constant at their worship (salat)
70:24  and in whose wealth there is a known (portion as the) right
70:25  of one who asks and of one who is deprived (yet does not ask);
70:26  and those who accept the truth of the day of judgment
70:27  and those who are fearful of the punishment of their Fosterer,
70:28  the punishment of their Fosterer is certainly (something from which) one should not feel secure;
70:29  and those who guard their private parts
70:30  except from their wives or whom their right hands possess, so in their case they are not to be blamed,
70:31  but whoever seeks (something) beyond that, then those are the persons who are transgressors;
70:32  and those who are faithful to their trusts and their agreements;
70:33  and those who stand firm on their testimonies;
70:34  and those who are custodians of their worship (salat).
70:35  They will be honoured in gardens.
70:36  So what is the matter with those who do not believe that they rush towards you
70:37  from your right and from your left, in groups?
70:38  Does every man among them hope that he will be made to enter the garden of bliss?
70:39  By no means ! they know (the thing) from which We created them.
70:40  So I do swear by the Fosterer of the rising places/times and setting places/times (of the sun), that We are certainly able
70:41  to replace (them by others) better than them and We are not to be overcome.
70:42  So leave them involved in idle talk and play, till they meet their day which they are promised.
70:43  The day they will come out from their graves in haste, as if rushing towards a goal,
70:44  (with) their eyes humbled, disgrace covering them, that is the day which they were promised.