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69:1  The truth!
69:2  What is the truth?
69:3  And what will make you realize what the truth is?
69:4  Samood and Aad denied the disaster.
69:5  So as for Samood, they were destroyed by the thunder and lightning.
69:6  And as for Aad, they were destroyed by a violently furious wind,
69:7  which He imposed on them for seven nights and eight days continuously, so that you could see people lying therein, overthrown as if they were the hollow trunks of date palms.
69:8  So do you see anyone of them remaining?
69:9  And Firawn and those before him and the overthrown cities, (all) were involved in faults,
69:10  so they disobeyed the messenger of their Fosterer therefore He seized them with a severe seizure.
69:11  When the water overflowed We carried you in the ship,
69:12  so as to make it a reminder for you and that remembering ears may keep it in memory.
69:13  So when it will be blown into the trumpet (structure of the universe, with) a single blowing,
69:14  and the earth will be carried away with the mountains then crushed to pieces with a single crushing,
69:15  then on that day the event will befall.
69:16  And the sky will be split asunder, so that day it will be weak .
69:17  And the angels will be on its sides, and on that day, eight will bear the throne of your Fosterer above them.
69:18  On that day all of you will be presented, no secret of yours will be hidden.
69:19  So, as for him who is given his record in his right hand, he will say, “Take read my record,
69:20  I was expecting that I would certainly encounter my account (of deeds).”
69:21  So he will be in a pleasant life,
69:22  in a high garden,
69:23  the clusters of which will be near.
69:24  (It will be said to him), “Eat and drink pleasantly because of that which you sent before you during the days that are gone (i.e. during the life of the world).”
69:25  And as for him who is given his record in his left hand, he will say, “I wish my record had not been given to me,
69:26  and I had not known what my account (of deeds) was,
69:27  1 wish the (death) had made an end of me,
69:28  my wealth has not made me carefree from (this),
69:29  my authority has gone away from me.”
69:30  (It will be said), “Catch him then chain him,
69:31  then make him enter the hell,
69:32  then make him to enter into a chain, the length of which is seventy cubits*. * The length of the forearm from the elbow to the extremity of the middle finger.
69:33  He had not believed in Allah, the Great
69:34  and he had not urged on the feeding of the poor
69:35  so he (too) this day, has no intimate friend here
69:36  nor any food except the corruption from the washings of wounds,
69:37  none will eat it except the defaulters.”
69:38  So I do swear by that which you see
69:39  and that which you do not see (that):
69:40  This (Quran) is certainly the word of an honoured messenger,
69:41  and it is not a word of a poet, little is it that you believe,
69:42  and it is not a word of a soothsayer, little is it that you mind,
69:43  (it has been) sent down from the Fosterer of the worlds.
69:44  And had he said some words about Us on his own behalf (and attributed them to Us, then),
69:45  We would have seized him by his right hand
69:46  then We would have cut off the artery of his heart,
69:47  and not one of you could have withheld Us from him.
69:48  And it is certainly a reminder for those who guard (against evil).
69:49  And We certainly know that among you are deniers.
69:50  And it will certainly be (a source of) regret for the infidels.
69:51  And surely it is the truth (deserving) certainty.
69:52  So glorify the name of your Great Fosterer.