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70:1  A SCEPTIC² once demanded that punishment be visite
70:2  forthwith upon the unbelievers. No power can hinde
70:3  God from punishing them. He is the Lord of the Stairways
70:4  whereby the angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him in one day whose space is fifty thousand years
70:5  Therefore conduct yourself with becoming patience
70:6  They think the Day of Judgement is far off
70:7  but We see it near at hand
70:8  On that day the sky shall become like molten brass
70:9  and the mountains like tufts of wool scattered in the wind
70:10  No bosom friend shall ask a bosom friend when eye meets eye
70:11  To redeem himself from the torment of that day the sinner will gladly sacrifice his children
70:12  his consort, his brother
70:13  the kin who gave him shelter
70:14  and all that are on the earth, if then this might deliver him
70:15  But no! The fire of Hel
70:16  shall drag him down by the scalp
70:17  shall claim him who had turned his bac
70:18  and amassed riches and covetously hoarded them
70:19  Indeed, man was created impatient
70:20  When evil befalls him he is despondent
70:21  but, blessed with good fortune, he grows niggardly
70:22  Not so the worshippers
70:23  who are steadfast in prayer
70:24  who set aside a due portion of their wealt
70:25  for the beggar and for the dispossessed
70:26  who truly believe in the Day of Reckoning
70:27  and dread the punishment of their Lor
70:28  (for none is secure from the punishment of their Lord)
70:29  who restrain their carnal desir
70:30  (save with their wives and slave-girls, for with these they are blameless
70:31  transgressors are those who lust after other than these)
70:32  who keep their trusts and promise
70:33  and bear true witness
70:34  and who attend to their prayers with promptitude
70:35  These shall be laden with honours, in fair Gardens
70:36  But what has befallen the unbelievers, that they scramble towards yo
70:37  in multitudes from right and left
70:38  Are they each seeking to enter a Garden of Delight
70:39  No! Of what We created them they know full well
70:40  I swear by the Lord of the easts and of the wests that We have the powe
70:41  to replace them by others better than they: nothing can hinder us from so doing
70:42  So let them paddle, let them play until they face the day they are promised
70:43  the day when they shall rush headlong from their graves
70:44  like men rallying to a standard, with downcast eyes and countenances distorted and abject. Such is the day they are promised