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Nuh (Noah)
as rendered by N J Dawood 2014
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N J Dawood (2014) rendition of Surah Noah(Nuh)
71:1 WE SENT forth Noah to his people, saying: ‘Give warning to your people before a woeful scourge overtakes them.‘
71:2 He said: ‘My people, I come to warn you clearly.
71:3 Worship God and fear Him, and obey me.
71:4 He will forgive you some of your sins and give you respite to an appointed time. When God‘s time is come, none shall put it back. Would you but knew!‘
71:5 Lord,‘ said Noah, ‘night and day have I pleaded with my people,
71:6 but my pleas have only aggravated their aversion.
71:7 Each time I call on them to seek Your pardon, they thrust their fingers into their ears and draw their cloaks over their heads, persisting in sin and bearing themselves with insolent pride.
71:8 Then I called out loud to them,
71:9 and appealed to them in public and in private.
71:10 "Seek forgiveness of your Lord," I said. "He is ever ready to forgive.
71:11 He sends down abundant water from the sky for you and bestows upon you wealth and children.
71:12 He has provided you with gardens and with running brooks.
71:13 Why do you deny the greatness of God
71:14 when He created you in gradual stages?
71:15 Can you not see how God created the seven heavens one above the other,
71:16 placing in them the moon for a light and the sun for a lantern?
71:17 God has brought you forth from the earth like a plant,
71:18 and to the earth He will restore you. Then He will bring you back from it afresh.
71:19 And God has made the earth a vast expanse for you,
71:20 that you may roam its spacious paths."‘
71:21 And Noah said: ‘Lord, they disobey me, and follow those whose wealth and offspring will only hasten their perdition.
71:22 They have devised an outrageous plot,
71:23 and said to each other: "Do not renounce your gods. Do not forsake Wadd or Suwā‘ or Yaghūth or Ya‘ūq or Nasr."¹
71:24 They have led many astray; and You surely drive the wrongdoers to further error.‘
71:25 Because of their sins they were drowned and cast into the Fire. They found none besides God to help them.
71:26 And Noah said: ‘Lord, do not leave a single unbeliever on the earth.
71:27 If You spare them, they will mislead Your servants and beget none but sinners and unbelievers.
71:28 Forgive me, Lord, and forgive my parents and whoever enters my house a true believer. ‘Forgive all the faithful, men and women, and hasten the wrongdoers‘ destruction.‘


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