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72:1  SAY: ‘IT is revealed to me that a band of jinn listened and said: "We have heard a wondrous Kora
72:2  giving true guidance. We believed in it and shall henceforth serve none besides Our Lord
72:3  He (exalted be the glory of our Lord!) has taken neither consort, nor son
72:4  The Blaspheming One among us has uttered a wanton falsehood against God,
72:5  although we had supposed no man or jinnee could tell of God what is untrue."‘
72:6  Some men have sought the help of jinn, but they misled them into further error
72:7  Like you, they thought that God could never resurrect the dead
72:8  "We made our way to high heaven, and found it filled with mighty wardens and fiery comets
72:9  We sat eavesdropping, but eavesdroppers find comets in wait for them
72:10  We know not whether this bodes evil to those on earth or if their Lord intends to guide them
72:11  "Some among us are righteous, while others are not; we follow different ways
72:12  We know we cannot escape on earth from God, nor can we elude His grasp by flight
72:13  When we heard His guidance we believed in Him: he that believes in his Lord shall fear neither dishonesty nor injustice
72:14  "Some of us are Muslims and some are wrongdoers. Those that embrace Islām pursue the right path
72:15  but those that do wrong shall become the fuel of Hell."‘
72:16  If they¹ pursue the straight path We shall vouchsafe them abundant rain
72:17  and thereby put them to the proof. He that pays no heed to his Lord‘s Admonition shall be thrust into a grievous torment
72:18  Mosques are for God‘s worship; invoke in them no other deity besides Him
72:19  When God‘s servant² rose to pray to Him, they pressed around him in multitudes
72:20  Say: ‘I will pray to my Lord and worship none besides Him.‘
72:21  Say: ‘I have no control over any evil or good that befalls you
72:22  Say: ‘None can protect me from God, nor can I find any refuge besides Him
72:23  My mission is only to communicate God‘s messages; those that disobey God and His apostle shall for ever abide in the fire of Hell.‘
72:24  When they behold the scourge they are promised, they shall realize who had the less powerful protector, and who were fewer in number
72:25  Say: ‘I cannot tell whether the scourge you are promised is imminent, or whether my Lord has set for it a far-off day
72:26  Cognizant of the unseen, His secrets He reveals to none,
72:27  except to the apostles He has chosen
72:28  He sends down guardians who walk before them and behind them, that He may ascertain if they have indeed delivered their Lord‘s messages. He has knowledge of all they have, and keeps strict count of all things.‘