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70:1  One who supplicates asked for a punishment that will fall
70:2  on the ones who are ungrateful for which there will be no one to avert
70:3  from God, the Possessor of the Stairways of Ascent.
70:4  The angels and the Spirit go up to Him on a Day whose measure had been fifty thousand years.
70:5  So have thou patience with a graceful patience.
70:6  Truly, they see it as distant,
70:7  but We see it as near at hand.
70:8  On a Day the heaven will become as molten copper
70:9  and the mountains be as wool clusters
70:10  and no loyal friend will ask a loyal friend,
70:11  although they are given sight of them. One who sins would wish that he offer for ransom —from the punishment of that day—his children
70:12  or his companion wife, or his brother
70:13  or his relatives who gave him refuge,
70:14  or whoever is on the earth altogether, again, if that would rescue him.
70:15  No indeed. Truly, it is the furnace of hell
70:16  removing their scalps,
70:17  calling whoever drew back and turned away
70:18  and gathered wealth and amassed.
70:19  Truly, the human being was created fretful.
70:20  When the worst afflicted him, he is impatient.
70:21  And when the good afflicted him, begrudging.
70:22  But the ones who formally pray,
70:23  those, they are ones who continue with their formal prayers
70:24  and those who in their wealth there is a known obligation towards
70:25  the one who begs and the one who is deprived
70:26  and those who sincerely validate the Day of Judgment.
70:27  And those, they are ones who are apprehensive of the punishment of their Lord.
70:28  Truly, as to the punishment of their Lord, there is no one who is safe from it.
70:29  Those, they are ones who guard their private parts,
70:30  but not from their spouses or what their right hands possessed. Truly, they are not ones who will be reproached.
70:31  But whoever was looking beyond that, those, they are ones who turn away.
70:32  And those, they who in their trusts and to their compacts are ones who shepherd.
70:33  And those, they who, giving their testimony, are ones who uphold.
70:34  And those, they who over their formal prayers are watchful.
70:35  Those will be in Gardens, ones who are honored.
70:36  What is with those who were ungrateful—ones who run forward towards thee, eyes fixed in horror,
70:37  to the right and the left, tied in knots.
70:38  Is not every man of them desirous of being caused to enter into a Garden of Bliss?
70:39  No indeed. Truly, We created them out of what they know.
70:40  So I swear an oath by the Lord of the rising places and the setting places, that We certainly are ones who have power
70:41  to substitute better for them. And We are not ones who are outrun.
70:42  So let them engage in idle talk and play until they encounter the Day of theirs that they are promised,
70:43  the Day when they will go forth swiftly from their tombs as though they had been hurrying to a goal
70:44  with their sight, that which is humbled. Abasement will come over them. That is the Day which they had been promised.