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71:1  Truly, We sent Noah to his folk saying: Warn thy folk before a painful punishment approaches them.
71:2  He said: O my folk! Truly, I am a clear warner to you:
71:3  Worship God and be Godfearing of Him and obey me.
71:4  He forgives you some of your impieties and postpones for you a term, that which is determined. Truly, when the term of God drew near, it will not be postponed if you had been but knowing.
71:5  He said: My Lord! Truly, I called to my folk nighttime and daytime,
71:6  but my supplication increases not but their running away.
71:7  And, truly, as often as I called to them that Thou wouldst forgive them, they laid their fingertips over their ears and covered themselves with their garments. And they maintained growing arrogant as they grew arrogant.
71:8  Again, truly, I called to them with openness.
71:9  Again, I spoke openly to them and confided in them, keeping secret our converse.
71:10  And I said: Ask for forgiveness of your Lord. Truly, He had been a Forgiver.
71:11  He sends from heaven abundant rain for you.
71:12  He will furnish you relief with wealth and children. And He will assign for you Gardens and will assign for you rivers.
71:13  What is it with you that you hope not for dignity from God?
71:14  And, surely, He created you in stages?
71:15  Consider you not how God created the seven heavens, one on another?
71:16  And how He made the moon in them as a light and how He made the sun as a light-giving lamp?
71:17  And how God caused you to develop, bringing you forth from the earth.
71:18  Again, He will cause you to return into it and bring you out in an expelling.
71:19  And how God made for you the earth as a carpet
71:20  that you may tread in it ways through ravines.
71:21  Noah said: My Lord! Truly, they rebelled against me. They followed such a one whose wealth and children increase him not, but in loss.
71:22  And they planned a magnificent plan.
71:23  And they said: You will by no means forsake your gods, nor will you forsake Wadd nor Suwa nor Yaghuth nor Yauq nor Nasr.
71:24  And, truly, they are going much astray. And increase Thou not ones who are unjust but in causing them to go astray.
71:25  Because of their transgressions, they were drowned and were caused to enter into a fire. And they find not for themselves any helpers other than God.
71:26  And Noah said: My Lord! Allow not even one on the earth from among the ones who are ungrateful!
71:27  Truly, Thou, if Thou wert to allow them, they would cause Thy servants to go astray and they will but procreate immoral ingrates.
71:28  My Lord! Forgive me and ones who are my parents and whoever entered my house as one who believes—the males, ones who believe and the females, ones who believe and increase not the ones who are unjust, but in ruin.