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72:1  Say: It was revealed to me that a group of jinn listened to me. They said: Truly, we heard a wondrous Recitation.
72:2  It guides to the right judgment, so we believed in it. And we will never ascribe partners with our Lord anyone.
72:3  Truly, He, exalted be the grandeur of our Lord. He took no companion (f) to Himself, nor a son,
72:4  and yet a foolish one among us had been saying an outrageous lie about God!
72:5  But we, truly, thought that the humankind, nor the jinn would ever say a lie about God
72:6  and that there had been men of humankind who would take refuge with the masculine of the jinn, but they increased them in vileness.
72:7  And they thought as you thought, that God will never raise up anyone.
72:8  And we stretched towards the heaven. Then, we found it was filled with stern guards and burning flames.
72:9  And we had been sitting in positions having the ability to hear. But whoever listens now will find a burning flame and watchers for him.
72:10  And we were not informed whether the worst was intended for those who are on earth or whether their Lord intended for them right mindedness.
72:11  There are among us, the ones in accord with morality. And there are among us other than that. We had been of ways differing from one another.
72:12  And we, truly, thought that we will never be able to weaken God on the earth and we will never weaken Him by flight.
72:13  So, truly, when we heard the guidance, we believed in it. And whoever believes in his Lord, he will fear neither meagerness nor vileness.
72:14  And, truly, we are the ones who submit to God. Among us there are the ones who swerve from justice. And whoever submitted to God, then, those sought right mindedness.
72:15  As for the ones who swerve from justice, they had been as firewood for hell.
72:16  If they went straight on the way, We would have satiated them with copious water
72:17  so that We try them in it. But whoever turns aside from the Remembrance of his Lord, He will dispatch him to a rigorous punishment.
72:18  Truly, the places of prostration belong to God so call not to anyone with God.
72:19  And, truly, when the servant of God stood up, calling to Him, they be about to swarm upon him.
72:20  Say: Truly, I call only to my Lord, and I ascribe not as partners with Him anyone.
72:21  Say: Truly, I possess not the power to hurt nor to bring right mindedness for you.
72:22  Say: Truly, none would grant me protection from God—not anyone! And I will never find other than Him that which is a haven
72:23  unless I be delivering messages from God, His messages. And whoever disobeys God and His Messenger, then, for him is the fire of hell, ones who will dwell in it forever, eternally.
72:24  Until when they saw what they are promised, then, they will know who is weaker of ones who help and fewer in number.
72:25  Say: I am not informed if what you are promised is near, or if my Lord will assign for it a space of time.
72:26  He is The One Who Knows of the unseen! And He discloses not the unseen to anyone,
72:27  but a Messenger with whom He was content. Then, truly, He dispatches in advance of him and from behind him, watchers
72:28  that He know that they expressed the messages of their Lord. He enclosed whatever is with them and He counted everything with numbers.