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73:1  O thou, the one who is wrapped,
73:2  stand up during the night, but for a little part,
73:3  for half of it or reduce it a little.
73:4  Or increase it and chant the Quran, a good chanting,
73:5  for We will cast on thee a weighty saying.
73:6  Truly, one who begins in the night, is when impression is strongest and speech more upright.
73:7  Truly, for thee in the daytime is a lengthy occupation.
73:8  And remember thou the Name of thy Lord. And devote thyself to Him with total devotion.
73:9  The Lord of the East and of the West, there is no god but He. So take Him to thyself as thy Trustee.
73:10  And have thou patience with regard to what they say and abandon them with a graceful abandoning.
73:11  Forsake to Me the ones who deny, those imbued with prosperity and respite them for a little.
73:12  Truly, with Us are shackles and hellfire
73:13  and food which sticks in the throat and chokes and a painful punishment.
73:14  On a Day when the earth will quake and the mountains, and the mountains will become a poured forth heap of sand.
73:15  Truly, We sent you a Messenger, one who bears witness to you, as We sent to Pharaoh a Messenger.
73:16  But Pharaoh rebelled against the Messenger so We took him a taking remorselessly.
73:17  How will you fend off a day if you were ungrateful, that will make the children gray haired?
73:18  The heaven will be that which is split apart from it. His promise had been one that is accomplished.
73:19  Truly, this is an admonition; so let whoever willed take himself a way to his Lord.
73:20  Truly, thy Lord knows that thou be standing up for nearly two thirds of the nighttime, or a half of it or a third of it along with a section of those who are with thee. And God ordains the nighttime and the daytime. He knew that you would not be able to keep count of it, so He turned towards you in forgiveness, then recite of the Quran as much as was easy. He knew that some of you are sick and others travel on the earth looking for the grace of God and others fight in the way of God. So recite of it as much as was easy. And perform the formal prayer and give the purifying alms and lend to God a fairer loan. For whatever of good you put forward for your souls, you will find the same with God. It is good and a sublime compensation. And ask God for forgiveness. Truly, God is Forgiving, Compassionate.